“I Will Ask Myself – What Would Wendy Do?! Then I Will Keep Running”


This is hilarious - and yes, the Washington Post has already mentioned it, but here's some more highlights.Texas State Senator Wendy Davis had a moment in the spotlight Tuesday evening, as her 13-hour filibuster against a bill to restrict abortion rights made her an instant hero to many on the left. She also wore some awesome pink running shoes. Reviews include: These go perfectly with any back brace you may need after good old fashion filibusting for 9 hours (with 4 more to … [Read more...]

“We Should Celebrate The Impact Of Vaccinations” – Senator Richard Di Natale

As previously blogged on Token Skeptic - this is the speech that was given in Parliament on the 27th June.Also in the news, from The Australian:From next Monday, the fully immunised criteria for babies turning one this year will include meningococcal "C" and pneumococcal. Varicella for chickenpox will also be included. The vaccines are now required in order to receive Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement and government childcare payments. Children must also have proof of full … [Read more...]

Vaccinate – Says Richard Di Natale, Greens Senator For Victoria (Video)

As blogged earlier today: The End Of The Australian Vaccination Network? Greens Health Spokesperson Di Natale Speaks Out In Senate Today.It also reminds me - at the ScienceRewired conference, there was talk of science communication groups uniting on an issue, such as immunisation. Is it time already? … [Read more...]

Australian State NSW Passes Proof Of Vaccination Needed For Childcare Centres

A little while back I wrote about the mass media effort to encourage vaccination in Australia - now it appears laws have now passed: Vaccination laws: NSW parliament passes controversial laws over childcare vaccinations The New South Wales Parliament has passed new laws covering childcare centres and vaccination.From next January, a childcare centre can refuse to enrol a child whose parents or guardians cannot show proof of vaccination or provide an approved exemption.Health M … [Read more...]

#Profs And Pints – Tricky Techs And Genetic Threats

It was a long day, with exam invigilation, classwork and then realising about an hour before it was about to start - that Profs and Pints was starting again this year!Here's a Storify of some of the Tweets, and yes - we'll all have to catch up again soon! The next session is on: Tuesday 25 June FUNCTIONAL STUPIDITY What are the consequences when we don’t listen to science? Guest speaker: Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall, Professor Igor Bray.[View the story "#ProfsAndPints - … [Read more...]

Foundation Beyond Belief – Supporting Relief For Oklahoma


I know that every other blogger will be out supporting and promoting this - but despite being a very long way away in Australia, it deserves promoting. In class today we were watching the news and worried about the disaster, so every bit of help can make a difference: At 3:01 pm CT on May 20, a massive F-4 tornado decimated the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, OK. Scores of severe injuries and deaths have been reported, and intense work is under way to find and rescue those trapped in the … [Read more...]

#BigSci13 Storify Of #OnSci – Challenges, Impediments And Issues Facing Science Communicators, Educators, Policymakers And Innovators In Australia

Check out all the blogging over on the official ScienceRewired site at http://sciencerewired.org/summit/category/blog - and if any of the discussion points fire you up, contribute some of your OWN ideas at: http://sciencerewired.org/summit/participate.*****[View the story "#bigsci13 - The Challenges - #onsci" on Storify] … [Read more...]

17th May – Why #FOOTY4IDAHO Matters – Stamp Out Homophobia In Sport


Today - which is International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) - things go to a new level.AFL superstars including Brownlow Medallist Jobe Watson, Scott Pendlebury, Jude Bolton, Drew Petrie, Patrick Dangerfield and Chris Judd - to name just a few - are putting their weight behind a campaign to stamp out gay slurs in the game, both on and off the field.These players are taking a pledge to stamp out the use of homophobic language, while also raising awareness of the damaging effects it can … [Read more...]

The Daily Show: John Oliver’s Australia & Gun Control’s Aftermath

[Read more...]

Australia’s Daily Telegraph Continues #NoJabNoPlay Campaign – Gets Tony Abbott Endorsement


Morning paper in New South Wales - for the 12th May! What have they continued to serve up? Let's get political! By Jane Hansen - Tony Abbott backs No Jab, No Play campaign:A TONY Abbott-led government will crack down on people who choose not to vaccinate their children by supporting childcare centres' right to turn away children who are not immunised and by reviewing family benefit payments to vaccine refusers.In response to The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Telegraph's No Jab, No Play … [Read more...]

Ben Goldacre’s Bad Education? – Guest Post By Jonny Scaramanga

What follows is a guest post by Jonny Scaramanga - you can find his site at http://leavingfundamentalism.wordpress.com and follow him on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/JonnyScaramanga.Ben Goldacre is a bit of a hero to me. Like a lot of people, I discovered Bad Science and skepticism at the same time and found something I wanted to be part of. But now Dr. Goldacre has stepped into my field – education – and, frankly, he’s made a total balls-up of it.Now, there are lots of my peers in the … [Read more...]