The Fatwa – Salman Rushdie – BBC Documentary

Currently on tour in the USA; latest book currently sitting next to my bathtub after I cycled out for the day and got a very good weights workout carrying a copy of "Joseph Anton" back home.Here's the BBC documentary that I watched earlier in the year, that I highly recommend. There's also subtitles in the YouTube version if you want to click over.Salman Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses, tells for the first time the inside story of how it felt to be condemned to death by the … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Non-Candidate PSA – West Wing Reunion

This one is for Trish, with thanks to KO. … [Read more...]

Congratulations Jason Ball – No To Homophobia At Australian AFL! (And My Busy Desk)

Okay - I am so busy that my desk currently looks like this:Yes, that's tea. In a teacup. Resting in a saucer. It's just how I roll.And the magazine is the latest edition of Australia's Cosmos and the book is Hiding the Elephant by Jim Steinmeyer. Both highly recommended.Those sticky notes? They're interviews, reminders, check-lists, work details... you name it. Most of them are checked off, but there's a lot more to go and a lot more to come.In fact, now looking at the title of this … [Read more...]

Australia’s Jason Ball – Footballer Launches Campaign Against AFL Homophobia

I'm the first to admit that I've been neglecting this blog - in fact, I have about five half-written posts that are now sadly getting more and more out of date - but this? I'm tremendously proud of and posting for you as soon as I found it online after watching it on the TV.A Yarra Glen footballer has launched a campaign against homophobia in the game and is appealing to the AFL to help - Here's the Petition!ABC News - Gay footballer calls for AFL 'pride round'The Age - 'I didn't know … [Read more...]

The Geek Manifesto On Curiouser And Curiouser – And Scope Of Skepticism Now Out On Amazon Kindle!

Two announcements!Firstly, head on over to the CSICOP website column Curiouser and Curiouser - to learn more about The Geek Manifesto by Mark Henderson: Sturgess: One of the other things that I thought was a key to your book was, of course, the libel case and Simon Singh. Do you think that there always has to be a “Simon Singh,” to prod people to be activists? Henderson: This is where the optimistic half of the book comes in. My argument is that politicians abuse or misrepresent or misuse or si … [Read more...]

Global Atheist Convention 2012 – Geoffrey Robertson – Freedoms of Speech and Religion in the 21st Century

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Little Kitten – Free Birth Control: Help Spread The Word! Ultraviolet On USA Health Care

Head to their official site for the details (and a bigger picture): … [Read more...]

Geek The Vote – Get Mark Henderson’s Geek Manifesto To Australian Politicians

Now, I had an email from a podcast listener asking about this, seeing if I had any more information - now I do! The interview I did with Mark Henderson for the Token Skeptic will appear on the Curiouser and Curiouser column over at the CSICOP website very soon:Science & Technology Australia (and many of our friends in the science sector) were reading ‘The Geek Manifesto’ and think it is time every MP reads it too. Why? Because even though politicians aren’t obliged to make every decision a … [Read more...]

Profs And Pints On What Makes A Dangerous Idea – Next Tuesday!

THE FINAL: Tues 24 July - WHAT MAKES A DANGEROUS IDEA - Does science play it too safe? This final Profs and Pints for 2012 opens the gates to banter-worthy interpretations of dangerous... How does an idea evolve and is it subject to the morals that are in fashion? Who and what holds the power to classify danger and is that dangerous in itself? Do ideas need to be dangerous to change us or are we destroying the very nature of science by risk-minimising the consequences that could a … [Read more...]

Links Du Jour For #TAM2012 (New Podcast Episode Out Today And E-Book Of Token Skeptic Book!)

Just a few links that have caught my eye this morning - and bon voyage to friends like Sharon Hill and Eugenie Scott et al, who are heading on their way to TAM!As always Sharon's updates on Doubtful News are well worth subscribing too and so is CFI's/Paul Fidalgo's The Morning Heresy. They update more diligently than I do and are entertaining while they're at it!To help weary travellers out - later today on (and Amazon, once I play around with the features for submitting a Kindle … [Read more...]

Storify Of #ProfsAndPints – Science: Working For The Man?

Renee of SciTech is, as always, grace under pressure......darn microphones can be awkward to put on correctly!It was another wonderful and stimulating night at the Flying Scotsman, talking about "The moral cost of progress" with Dr Nik Zeps – Australian Health Ethics Committee; Michelle Clement – Director of Department of Commerce Industry, Science and Innovation and Aden Date – The Australian Youth Climate Coalition.Here's a selection of some of the Tweets from a fantastic night - the en … [Read more...]