The Launch Of Secular Women – US First National Organisation For Non-Believing Women

The launch of Secular Women - the first organization in the U.S. focusing exclusively on the interests of non-religious women. Edit - YouTube video just released!  The  According to a press release, Secular Women, Inc., is debuting as the United States’ first national membership organization devoted solely to pushing the agenda of non-believing women. Because many atheist groups have a tough time attracting and keeping the attention of women, Secular Women, Inc. will work … [Read more...]

We Oppose Critical Thinking – The Republican Party of Texas GOP (You Don’t Say…)

Today, I finished the discussions we were having about cultural relativism, before tomorrow's introduction to teleological ethics. Bentham, Mill and so forth. One of the examples that was raised in class was that of corporal punishment for children. We were terribly pleased that it's no longer a common practice and that time and a greater understanding of what constitutes effective discipline has wised us up.Critical thinking skills. Philosophy. Respect for young people. Kiss them goodbye … [Read more...]

Profs, Pints, Christian Education And UK Government, The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe And Other News

I did intend this to be a more substantial post originally... but I tore shreds out of my keyboard late last night and I'm now transcribing the notes made in the margin of my sudoku page of the free newspaper I picked up before my train ride home. I think I deserve a little break to just pop a few interesting links your way so I can then get down to sorting out which of my whiteboard markers are working and set them aside for the first day of teaching Philosophy classes tomorrow.Remember the … [Read more...]

Sunday Morning Survey – What Skeptical Topic Gets Your Goat? #ScienceGirlThing

Good morning! Hope your morning is doing well for you - I've got friends coming over in about two hours time and about five half-finished blog-posts on a variety of topics... and I've just decided to cram them all together for your readability-joy and pop in a general survey question at the top because I've not done this for ages. Welcome To Meta-blogging, When Offline Life Is Too Busy To Pretend It's All Smooth-Sailing Tea, Scones And Save Draft At Appropriate Intervals.Firstly - oh dear holy … [Read more...]

Holy Not-God, I’m On The Front Of The Local Newspaper Website Too…

I thought I'd just be on page 11 of The West.Actually, I didn't think I'd be on page 11 of The West, I thought they'd leave my photo out and I'd be a small quote elsewhere around page 18 or further on, at best.But I'm on the website too! Look! "More Have No Faith": A quarter of West Australians declared themselves as having no religious faith in the 2011 census as Australia's dominant Christian churches continued to lose proportional support to non- believers and other religions. For the … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss The Fringe Events Around The Global #AtheistCon!

I'm packing shirts like this...In order to wear them at events like these!All events held at Embiggen Books are about half to three-quarters booked already - move fast and RSVP at 03 9662 2062 or or instore, so you don't miss out!WEDNESDAY (today!)Nobel Prize Winner Peter Doherty and Peter Ellerton: Science, Scepticism and Society -  6.30pm at Embiggen Books. Nobel Prize winner Peter Doherty in conversation with Peter Ellerton (winner of the Australian Skeptics cr … [Read more...]

#QANDA Cardinal Pell vs Dawkins Bingo Card

Thanks to Mike Stuchbery for this creation.Tonight’s Q&A show on ABC:  Cardinal George Pell - Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Richard Dawkins - Outspoken British atheistThis is by Mike Stuchbery - at … [Read more...]

Atheism In The Public Sphere And The Reason Rally – Richard Dawkins On Up With Chris Hayes

Does a politician's private religious beliefs effect public policy? If a citizen has the right to question their lawmaker's political opinions, should they also be able to question their outlook on religion? The Up Panelists (which include Professor Stephen Pinker, Jamila Bey, Susan Jacoby and Jamie Kilsteen) are featured on the second video talking about the Reason Rally and how atheism and politics intersect. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyFirst … [Read more...]

New Curiouser And Curiouser About “An Honest Liar” – And New Classroom Modules For Teaching Skeptically!

This will be one of several sporadic updates - because despite claims that the FTB site will be minus updates because of a convention, I don't think that thirty-two bloggers in total will have nothing to say over this weekend. Not when there's at least two items of cool news I have for you![...Except in the highly unlikely situation that someone trips over the server and the site disappears into the ether, or kids insert peanut butter sandwiches into the disk drives of the non-Reason Rally … [Read more...]

Has Multiculturalism Failed? Panel Discussion Featuring Alom Shaha On Radio National

Last year the leaders of both Germany and Britain declared their multicultural policies had been a failure. But in a world which is already multicultural, this forum looks at how we might be able to move beyond the problems raised by bigotry.I attended this - a great day out! It's on Radio National, presented by Phillip Adams: Has Multiculturalism Failed - Perth Writers Festival Forum.Alom Shaha - British born Bangladeshi author, atheist and science teacher, author of The Young Atheist's … [Read more...]

John Scalzi Lends Blog To Doctor’s Guest Post On Texas’ Transvaginal Ultrasounds

I'm certain you would have read about this on a number of news sites by now ("Newspapers Pull Doonesbury Strip", or  "Doonesbury on Ultrasound as 'Rape'" or even "Doonesbury ultrasound ‘rape’ cartoon series stirs controversy; newspapers spike"). Here is a link to some of the cartoons in question.Back on March 11th on Gawker, for example: Political comic strip Doonesbury will debut an abortion storyline next week, with a particular focus on the Texas law requiring pregnant women to receive a tra … [Read more...]