Books I’ve Read – April To Early May #SSAWeek

Cat and books

Welcome to Hour Sixteen of the Token Skeptic Sunday Sessions!DONATE HERE!There’s 24 posts for every hour of today, looking at issues involving secularism, skepticism, atheism, feminism, science, philosophy and more - in order to support and urge you to donate to SSAWeek2013 at, as I type this... I have no idea if you're reading this. The blogposts are all out of time-order due to the different time-zone settings of the site... and unfortunately I can't change … [Read more...]

Lizzie Bennet Diaries On Kickstarter (And What Appears To Be Final Q&A)

If you're not a regular watcher of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, you have a lot of episodes to catch up on (and I envy you for being able to watch it all from the beginning, when there's only two left to go!). But I did want to mention this Kickstarter, in case you want to get the series on DVD:They've already reached close to $200,000, after their $60,000 goal... so you can pretty much assume that there's a lot of Jane Austen fans out there like me who are keen to see this happening! Do … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Stephen Colbert Vs James Franco On Tolkien

I doubt this will stay up for long - so, until then, enjoy. … [Read more...]

Adventures At The Perth Writers Festival – Sunday #PWF #PerthFest

I'm away for much of next week, so here's the last blogpost for a while - there should be podcast episodes very soon, however, for both Token Skeptic and 365 Days of Philosophy.Until then - enjoy some of the photos from the Perth Writers festival, taken this morning.[View the story "Adventures At The Perth Writers Festival - Sunday #PWF #PerthFest" on Storify] … [Read more...]

Adventures At The Perth Writers Festival – Saturday #PWF #PerthFest

[View the story "Adventures At The Perth Writers Festival - Saturday #PWF #PerthFest" on Storify] … [Read more...]

Laureate Professor Peter Doherty And Peter Ellerton — Science, Scepticism and Society

Laureate Professor Peter Doherty in conversation with Peter Ellerton — Science, Scepticism and Society from Embiggen Books on Vimeo. Visit Embiggen Books in Melbourne and check out their site here. … [Read more...]

Robyn, Meet Polly – AKA The Search For Non-Stupid Culture Coaching

One of those moments of serengeti. Serengeti? Serendipity, that's the word. Oh dear god, someone save us all - I really relate to the following confession penned by Robyn on XOJaneUK: IS BEING BUSY MAKING ME STUPIDERER? I’m a full-time-jobber, a freelancer, and an unlikely gym-bunny, and I’m worried that it’s affecting my wosscalled. Intelligence.I don’t have time to read dense prose anymore, so I just read quick snippets of things on the train (generally Reddit). Instead of the oppressive film … [Read more...]

Links Du Jour – “They” And “Us”, Media Guide To Skepticism Seeks Feedback, And Congratulations Mia Klose!

Exhausted. Long day. Links. Here.Of course, everyone's reading Dr David Gorski's An open letter to Penn & Teller about their appearance on The Dr. Oz Show:  In general, you’ve been very good when it comes to quackery and various CAM therapies. (But I repeat myself.) That’s why it puzzles me to no end why you would lend your considerable talents to Dr. Oz, who has had credulous episodes on all manner of rank quackery and even worse. I only just had the chance now to read the article and saw … [Read more...]

King Richard III, Carpark And Clydesdales. Because I Can.

It's the first week of classes for a new course I'm doing, so you must expect a break from skepticism, science, et al until I've got my feet under me again, oh everyone-who-reads-the-blog-and-gets-an-Impostor-notification-whenever-they-try-to-comment-so-that's-why-there's-no-comments.I tell myself that. Often.We all love you anyway, evidence:I'm grading papers too. Must grade papers. Reminder, go home and grade, after today. Therefore, enjoy: … [Read more...]

The First Month Of The 365 Days Of Philosophy (A Book On The Way?)

I can't stop blinking and swaying, I'm so tired.Today, I was at three tertiary educational institutions (one new enrolment, one deferment and 20+ papers returned). Then I visited one cinema (to pick up tickets), three stores (just brought playing cards)... and all of this before midday. I think I have a visit to the museum planned for Sunday but I can't see straight to check the calendar let alone have enough energy to finish this blogpost to figure out where I left my diary.But I should … [Read more...]

2013 Perth Festival Highlights (Tickets On Sale Now)

And, yes - that was Margaret Atwood in the Perth Writers Festival line-up and I'll be seeing her.Check out the whole event here at … [Read more...]