Resources For Critical Thinking Via Coursera – Free!

Recently I was very worried to read of one example of negative-muttering on Twitter about another skeptic touting a course on critical thinking at TAM2012, and I wasn't sure who said it, and wasn't really sure which skeptic they were talking about... but I was really surprised. I was surprised because courses like that help out a great many people.After all - wasn't this why the Skeptic 101 resource on exists? Why the JREF Education resources exist? There's certainly lots of … [Read more...]

Fads, Fancies And Follies In Education – A Book Recommendation And A Talk

Firstly - to clear up a few misconceptions about my blog. If you read my blog (as in, Token Skeptic on the FreeThought Blogs network) - it's my blog that registers the hits. And the revenue that you get from reading my blog? I use it to fund my podcast. It pretty much balances out, and that's fine by me - c'est la vie.Feel free to check out other blogs or other networks or independent bloggers or news-sites or whatever if you so wish; there's links that I promote or even links that I don't … [Read more...]

Celebrate The Fourth Of July With The Token Skeptic Book – The Scope Of Skepticism!

It's finally out and ready for purchase (purr-chase? I do have a lot of cats on the cover...)With tremendous thanks to Catherine Donaldson of Faster Pussycat Productions, who provided her magical touch to make this book become reality!The Scope of Skepticism: Interviews, Essays and Observations from the Token Skeptic Podcast."I hope I know enough about history and human nature to agree that there is one born every minute and to know that there is desperation to make sense of things, and … [Read more...]

The Geek Manifesto: Why Science Matters – Out On May 10th

Last year I interviewed the author of The Geek Manifesto, Mark Henderson, during my time in the UK with QEDCon: Token Skeptic #55 – On The Geek Manifesto – Interview With Mark Henderson.His book is hitting the shops tomorrow, on Thursday May 10! Today, Wednesday, May 9, he's talking about the book at lunchtime at the RSA in London — at 1pm London where it'll also be streamed live online (in about an hour and a half from my posting this).Whether we want to improve education or cut crime, to … [Read more...]

Some Quick Links For Today – And Read How Not To Judge An Argument By Its Conclusion

I have work piling up - so here's a quick update so you can enjoy the read.If there was two things I suggest that you read today and keep bookmarked (and by 'read' I mean read fully, and preferably in order), they would be:People Don’t Read, and Why It Matters to Skepticism - by Ben Radford. As a professional writer, it's amazing to me how often people simply don't read-or, if they read, they don't understand what they read. As any teacher can tell you, simply reading words does not mean y … [Read more...]

Celebrate World Book Day – With The Young Atheist’s Handbook!

Now, I just got back from a rather big meeting about a series of conferences I'm doing at the end of the week, and one thing I know I'll be relying on is a book in the bath every night, in order to chill out. Um, reading it, not soaking the pages and pretending that I'm homeopathically-leeching out the ideas of de Botton.Which is why, despite the dizzying progress of digital technology (kindles, bindles, biggles and what have you - I can't be bothered), we should still acknowledge the power of … [Read more...]

Trailer For Scott Sigler’s Nocturnal

Back in 2010, I interviewed Scott Sigler when he turned up to Perth's SwanCon and it not only features at the Token Skeptic podcast - Episode Fourteen – On Science Fiction And Skepticism (#Swancon Scott Sigler Interview)... but over on the CSICOP website as Science Fiction and Skepticism: Interview With Scott Sigler.Here's the brand-new trailer for his book - Nocturnal - described by i09 as a "Gorgeously Animated and Ultra-Bloody Trailer". You were warned. … [Read more...]