Christmas And Seasonal Gift Suggestions For The Young Critical Thinker

These are by no means exhaustive lists, but recently I popped in a Twitter suggestion that people check out my book Token Skeptic: Interviews, Essays and Observations to get a round-up of some of the more recent figures who are active in skepticism (and what is the Christmas season without pimping your own work, let's face it - I have a podcast to run, after all...), and it got me thinking that I should blog a general round-up before Christmas madness gets underway and seeking books becomes all … [Read more...]

Edinburgh Skeptics Book Group – The Scope Of Skepticism (With Bonus Discussion Questions)!

Wahhh! How to cheer me up, lesson one - hold a book club about my book! People in Edinburgh, check it out! Book Group – The Scope of Skepticism Sunday, 11th November, The Counting House, 36 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh.Kylie Sturgess writes for a number of skeptical organizations and publications, teaches philosophy at the high school and college level, and serves on the JREF’s educational advisory panel... She recently compiled various interviews and transcriptions from her podcast, and m … [Read more...]

Robert Siegel Interviews Salman Rushdie Video – Joseph Anton At Centre For Inquiry, Washington

Author Salman Rushdie discusses his memoir, Joseph Anton, in which he discussed his ten years spent in hiding as a result of the fatwa issued against him by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989 for his authorship of the novel, The Satanic Verses. It's a great book - took it with me to Adelaide and it distracted me wonderfully during airplane turbulence ... which is high praise from me, I hate turbulence. The one-hour, nineteen minutes video isn't embeddable, so just click on through: … [Read more...]

Atheist Books 101 With Embiggen Books – Now Out On The Token Skeptic Podcast!

Just had a fun chat with Warren of Embiggen Books in Melbourne - and if you're wanting a damned great recommendation list? This is the episode to enjoy.For this episode of the Token Skeptic, "Episode One Hundred And Thirty Six – Atheist Books 101 With Embiggen Books", Warren Bonett and I investigate how books can help you understand atheism, humanism and secularism, and what are some of the best new reads on the scene.Books we discuss this episode:The Australian Book of Atheism by W … [Read more...]

If You Knew Shuzi Like The Merseyside Skeptics? New Token Skeptic Podcast Out Now!

Firstly - tremendous thanks to the Young Australian Skeptics (particularly Catherine of Faster Pussycat Productions) for the brand-new second edition of the Skeptical Blog Anthology!It's got larger print and an adjusted layout - and still at the same fantastic price in e-book and print versions, with a bonus: follow them on Twitter for the discount code!Every copy sold goes to helping the Young Australian Skeptics; they have a blog, a fantastic (seriously, it's great - hear their Dr Eugenie … [Read more...]

More #GreatSkepticism – Get The New Skeptical Blog Anthology And Podcast On Tweets And BigFeets!

Here's two quick items before I: a) collapse for the weekend and catch up with friends in the real world (I am on a blogging break, after all);b) pull my act together and catch up with all the interviews I have organised to do and haven't sent out confirmations for - sincere apologies if I've dropped the ball in that regard, but I will be in touch!Remember the Skeptical Blog anthology? It featured on the Scientific American blog site and on the JREF Swift - and it's now in its second … [Read more...]

All Good Study Note Ideas (Have Probably Been Done By Some Other Skeptic Already)

Dear B,A little while back I wrote the study guide to The Young Atheist's Handbook and hoped that it would be of use to not only teachers but reading groups. Many popular novels being used in reading groups often have notes and guides in the back and publishing companies often have them on their websites too. You might even have a few from your high school years, used when studying novels. And Dr Novella's books also have revision/study guide notes included with them as well.What about … [Read more...]

Geek The Vote – Get Mark Henderson’s Geek Manifesto To Australian Politicians

Now, I had an email from a podcast listener asking about this, seeing if I had any more information - now I do! The interview I did with Mark Henderson for the Token Skeptic will appear on the Curiouser and Curiouser column over at the CSICOP website very soon:Science & Technology Australia (and many of our friends in the science sector) were reading ‘The Geek Manifesto’ and think it is time every MP reads it too. Why? Because even though politicians aren’t obliged to make every decision a … [Read more...]

The Scope Of Skepticism Book – Interviews With Prominent Skeptics, Now In EBook Format

I did say it was in the works - The Scope Of Skepticism: Interviews, Essays and Observations From The Token Skeptic Podcast ebook is now available at and will be available via Amazon as a Kindle too very soon. With over a hundred interviews conducted for the Token Skeptic podcast, one question remains open: what makes a skeptic a skeptic? Kylie Sturgess interviews an eclectic array of celebrities, personalities, politicians, activists, artists, scientists and "unsung" contributors, all … [Read more...]

Godless Parenting – What Do You Do To Bring Up God-Free Children? Video

Here's the first time I've done a live video interview with slightly-dodgy internet on my part... I hope people enjoy it!Contributors and FTB Bloggers Dan Fincke, PZ Myers, Ophelia Benson and Russell Glasser can all be found on Twitter too. Big thanks to Digital Cuttlefish and Taslima Nasrin for contributing via email; apologies to everyone (especially Al Stefanelli!) who couldn't get in. For a first effort, this was less stressful than I thought it would be!I did find (and sorry for not unp … [Read more...]

Resources For Critical Thinking Via Coursera – Free!

Recently I was very worried to read of one example of negative-muttering on Twitter about another skeptic touting a course on critical thinking at TAM2012, and I wasn't sure who said it, and wasn't really sure which skeptic they were talking about... but I was really surprised. I was surprised because courses like that help out a great many people.After all - wasn't this why the Skeptic 101 resource on exists? Why the JREF Education resources exist? There's certainly lots of … [Read more...]