Vote Vote For The UK Skepticism’s Third ‘Ockhams’ Awards!

I did a run-down of suggested nominees last year, but feel free to add your own in the comments. In fact, I'll post what I said last year here, but with a different one for video - my own! NOMINATE AT ---Videos!--- It'd be cool if you voted for my video TEDxPerth talk, "Superstition 'ain't The Way" in the video category (just saying - it's at: Also consider: I Doubt That - The Media Guide to Skepticism and Jamy Ian … [Read more...]

#ASC14 – The ASC Unsung Hero… Sung By Craig Cormick

The ASC Unsung Hero 2013 Winner this year was Craig Cormick, who proceeded to rap his acceptance speech at the dinner. The ASC offers the Unsung Hero of Australian Science Communication to honour a person (or group of people) who exemplifies science communication. He's a really, really great person and I'll have a short interview with him available on the Urban Legendary podcast later this evening. To READ the speech? Check out Sara Lau's post over on the ASC Website. … [Read more...]

My TEDxPerth Talk! Superstition ‘Ain’t The Way

Feel free to watch it - because I'm not going to. It's too late at night, I've just finished the first of three very long conference days... and I'm too shy. But I did get a wonderful surprise: So, maybe it's not so bad a talk after all! Thank you again, Luke Copley, my coach, and all the TEDxPerth-ers! Enjoy, and please do follow along on the #ASC14 Tweet stream (or check out the Storifies!) if you're interested in science communication and one of the biggest events yet in … [Read more...]

#ASC14 – Monday – Before The Event (And The Start Of The Event)!

Guess who was so busy doing her list of "do these" for podcasts that she left her toothbrush and assorted toothbrush-y things at home? And my nice formal shoes. Damnit. Hmph. Nothing is open at 6am on a Sunday, so I did two things: Brought a strawberry cupcake covered in glitter: Then I checked out the ASC venue and got to meet all the bloggy-types who'll be working with me - a great gang! Here's the venue from the inside... And the outside: Then I went to get a new … [Read more...]

On My Way To #ASC14 (And Everything Else I’ve Been Doing These Past Two Weeks)

Virgin Perth airport lounge

I'm here. FINALLY Perth got itself an airport lounge with the wifi and the coffee and the snacks and a quiet corner. So I can do the following: “I Immunise” With The Immunisation Alliance Of Western Australia – Interview With Dr. Katie Attwell - over at my column for the Skeptical Inquirer website, called Curiouser and Curiouser. You can check out the podcast over here, on the Token Skeptic website: Episode One Hundred And Seventy Five – On I Imunise – Interview With Dr … [Read more...]

Australia’s Girlfriend Magazine Takes Steps To Help Talk About Sex – With Science!

Science communicators in Australia are really fantastic and I'm looking forward to the ASC14 conference, where I'll get to learn more about the kinds of projects that have been going on in Australia... like right now, today! I've been busy doing the promoting #ASC14, its people and podcasting throughout, and this news about a press briefing reached me while I was editing. I'll post more links when they become available - in the meantime, here's the rundown. Girlfriend magazine is pretty … [Read more...]

A Letter To A Fellow Skeptic And Listener Feedback (Is This Thing On?)

what podcasting is like

So, I've had about [Insert Far Too Little Healthy Hours Here] of sleep and I'm firing through a load of audio to clean it up and post it out to promote all kinds of cool, awesome, hard-working and dedicated people... ...who are more than likely also putting their health on the line to promote a broader understanding of science by the public, to educate and inform the world. In far more effective ways than I do. And then I realise that no matter what I do, whether it be taking on the onus … [Read more...]

Vaccine-Preventable Deaths – Mapped!

Australia 2013

My heart is saying "...this is terrible..." while my brain is going "woah, cool, you can move the slider and check out the progress over time!" It's an interactive map that allows viewers to check out vaccine-preventable outbreaks world-wide - such as rubella, measles, mumps, pertussis, polio -  to explore all the outbreaks of measles, mumps, rubella, polio, whooping cough, from 2007 to 2013. Screen shot of Australia, 2013: This publication was made possible by the Bill and … [Read more...]

The (Former) Australian Vaccination Network Starts The New Year With A Duhhhhh…

Because they can't get a new name. I thought "Misinformation For All" wasn't taken. All of my other suggestions are unprintable. Use your imagination. Check out The Australian - "Anti-vaccine group struggling for new ID" by Rick Morton: THE Australian Vaccination Network, which promotes the "benefits" of measles and believes vaccines cause autism, has lost its first battle to find a new name. The failed attempt came just days before legislation in NSW that bans parents from … [Read more...]

Happy New Year And Reflections On 2014

sciencerewired 2013

A lot of things achieved last year! Which led me to write this about five days ago and then schedule it so I could sleep in this morning. Although I'll probably have stayed up late anyway watching Serenity regardless. Firstly, a few highlights: ScienceRewired's BigSci13 - Big Science Communication Summit. Huge thanks to Ande Gregson and Kendall Benton and everyone involved in the 2013 event, which has inspired me to reach beyond the usual skeptic-circles and look into outreach and … [Read more...]