Science Communication Hits Brisbane Big Time In 2014 – #ASC14 National Conference

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I've got a few items to pass onto you, the first is something I've been contributing to a little behind the scenes and I hope to get the first interview out tomorrow! If you're interested in science and are Australian, New Zealand... from anywhere! This will be something you want to put onto your New Year Resolutions to attend: Join us for the Australian Science Communicators Conference 2014 (#ASC14) in Brisbane. This is the premier networking, professional development and interactive event … [Read more...]

On The HPV Vaccine – ABC Breakfast This Morning

Virologist Dr David Hawkes discusses the HPV vaccine and the anti-vaccination movement on ABC News Breakfast … [Read more...]

Hope You Had A Great Christmas Break! New Podcasts OUT!

As for me? New podcasts out! Episode One Hundred And Seventy Two – On Abominable Science – Interview With Daniel Loxton And Donald Prothero. This was great fun; two excellent authors and one fantastic book (and yes, I contributed a photo for the final copy, so there's a little bias there!). I'll be chatting to Donald Prothero a little more later this month, so tune into that episode too! Episode One Hundred And Seventy Three – On Bad PR – Interview With Michael Marshall. … [Read more...]

The Completely Selfish Guide To Pro-Rationalist Books From 2013

My Top Ten List: #1 - Abominable Science: Origins of the Yeti, Nessie and Other Famous Cryptids by Daniel Loxton and Donald Prothero #2 - The Best Australian Science Writing 2013  Edited by Jane McCredie and Natasha Mitchell #3 - The Simpsons And Their Mathematical Secrets by Simon Singh #4 - Do You Believe In Magic? The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine by Paul A Offit #5 - Philosophy of Pseudoscience: Reconsidering The Demarcation Problem by Massimo Pigliucci and … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Tim Minchin & Prof Brian Cox – White Wine In The Sun

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Little Kitten – True Facts About The Owl

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THE RULING IS IN – Australian Vaccination Network Must Choose New Name – NSW Department Of Finance & Services

screenshot of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal page

A little while back I got this in my inbox - the Australian Vaccination Network is something I've had my eye on for some time, including seeing Meryl lecture in person three times when she's visited my state. So, I knew that this was coming up at some point: The AVN will be in court on Monday, November 25th The long-awaited decision of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal (ADT) will be handed down on Monday, November 25th in Sydney. As you probably remember, the Department of Fair Trading … [Read more...]

More Songs From the Science Frontier – Help Fund Science Songs For Kids!

Thanks to Rob Tarr for the link - check this out! In 2010, I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund Songs From the Science Frontier. The songs for this project came from my Born to Do Science program, a series of live events in which I helped scientists explain their research to 3rd - 8th graders. The CD was an experiment to see whether kids would appreciate challenging songs about scientific research. Response has been overwhelmingly positive! Kids love it and adults love it even … [Read more...]

Embiggen Books Launching The Ice Coffee Podcast! 9th November!

Agrh, I only just got home and this has been in blog-draft - I suspect I'm just terribly jealous of everyone who gets to go! Put this in your diaries, folks in the Melbourne area who are able to attend! "Ice Coffee: the history of human activity in Antarctica," is underway, and showing the day shapes for a vessel restricted in ability to manoeuvre and code flag alpha. Weekly episodes will arrive at, a.k.a. Embiggen Books … [Read more...]

To All The Fantatical, Misandristic Feminist Scientists…

fanatical, misandristic feminist

Thanks to Alom Shaha, who has previously come across this group and raised awareness, and to Dawn H Foster who took the screenshot: Not finding female invitees accepting could be due to a number of reasons. There's plenty of interesting research and discussions on this, such as: Where are the women scientists and engineers? Not fit for television Does my brain look big in this? A Simple Suggestion to Help Phase Out All-Male Panels at Tech Conferences Diversity in tech: still … [Read more...]