My TEDxPerth Talk! Superstition ‘Ain’t The Way

Feel free to watch it - because I'm not going to. It's too late at night, I've just finished the first of three very long conference days... and I'm too shy.But I did get a wonderful surprise:So, maybe it's not so bad a talk after all! Thank you again, Luke Copley, my coach, and all the TEDxPerth-ers!Enjoy, and please do follow along on the #ASC14 Tweet stream (or check out the Storifies!) if you're interested in science communication and one of the biggest events yet in … [Read more...]

On My Way To #ASC14 (And Everything Else I’ve Been Doing These Past Two Weeks)

Virgin Perth airport lounge

I'm here.FINALLY Perth got itself an airport lounge with the wifi and the coffee and the snacks and a quiet corner. So I can do the following: “I Immunise” With The Immunisation Alliance Of Western Australia – Interview With Dr. Katie Attwell - over at my column for the Skeptical Inquirer website, called Curiouser and Curiouser.You can check out the podcast over here, on the Token Skeptic website:Episode One Hundred And Seventy Five – On I Imunise – Interview With Dr Katie Attwell … [Read more...]

A Letter To A Fellow Skeptic And Listener Feedback (Is This Thing On?)

what podcasting is like

So, I've had about [Insert Far Too Little Healthy Hours Here] of sleep and I'm firing through a load of audio to clean it up and post it out to promote all kinds of cool, awesome, hard-working and dedicated people......who are more than likely also putting their health on the line to promote a broader understanding of science by the public, to educate and inform the world. In far more effective ways than I do.And then I realise that no matter what I do, whether it be taking on the onus … [Read more...]

Perth’s Sunday Assembly – This Sunday!

I did some interviews at the last Sunday Assembly, so my audio will be out soon from that - in the meantime: CURIOSITY - Assembly - Assembly Perth: "Curiosity", UWA Campus Sunday Assembly Perth: "Curiosity"­: 19th January 2014, Lecture Theatre 4, Arts Building, UWA Campus Sunday, January 19, 2014, 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM Our first event for 2014 will be again at the Lecture Theater 4, Arts Building, UWA Campus. The theme for this session will be "Curiosity". Ample free parking is available, r … [Read more...]

UWA Atheist And Skeptic Society – Blogging Their Concern About Creationists On Campus

You can check out their website at - here's their most recent concern: In August 2013, a church group called Zion Praise Harvest held several lectures in Perth by young earth creationist, John Mackay. This included a few lectures in churches, as well as one at Curtin University and one at the University of Western Australia. Entitled “Exposing Evolution, Confirming Creation”, the lecture at UWA had no substance and presented no evidence. Click on through to read the entire sa … [Read more...]

The (Former) Australian Vaccination Network Starts The New Year With A Duhhhhh…

Because they can't get a new name.I thought "Misinformation For All" wasn't taken.All of my other suggestions are unprintable. Use your imagination.Check out The Australian - "Anti-vaccine group struggling for new ID" by Rick Morton: THE Australian Vaccination Network, which promotes the "benefits" of measles and believes vaccines cause autism, has lost its first battle to find a new name. The failed attempt came just days before legislation in NSW that bans parents from enrolling c … [Read more...]

Happy New Year And Reflections On 2014

sciencerewired 2013

A lot of things achieved last year! Which led me to write this about five days ago and then schedule it so I could sleep in this morning. Although I'll probably have stayed up late anyway watching Serenity regardless.Firstly, a few highlights:ScienceRewired's BigSci13 - Big Science Communication Summit. Huge thanks to Ande Gregson and Kendall Benton and everyone involved in the 2013 event, which has inspired me to reach beyond the usual skeptic-circles and look into outreach and … [Read more...]

Hope You Had A Great Christmas Break! New Podcasts OUT!

As for me? New podcasts out!Episode One Hundred And Seventy Two – On Abominable Science – Interview With Daniel Loxton And Donald Prothero. This was great fun; two excellent authors and one fantastic book (and yes, I contributed a photo for the final copy, so there's a little bias there!). I'll be chatting to Donald Prothero a little more later this month, so tune into that episode too!Episode One Hundred And Seventy Three – On Bad PR – Interview With Michael Marshall. Happy birthd … [Read more...]

The Completely Selfish Guide To Pro-Rationalist Books From 2013

My Top Ten List:#1 - Abominable Science: Origins of the Yeti, Nessie and Other Famous Cryptids by Daniel Loxton and Donald Prothero#2 - The Best Australian Science Writing 2013  Edited by Jane McCredie and Natasha Mitchell#3 - The Simpsons And Their Mathematical Secrets by Simon Singh#4 - Do You Believe In Magic? The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine by Paul A Offit#5 - Philosophy of Pseudoscience: Reconsidering The Demarcation Problem by Massimo Pigliucci and Maart … [Read more...]

THE RULING IS IN – Australian Vaccination Network Must Choose New Name – NSW Department Of Finance & Services

screenshot of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal page

A little while back I got this in my inbox - the Australian Vaccination Network is something I've had my eye on for some time, including seeing Meryl lecture in person three times when she's visited my state. So, I knew that this was coming up at some point: The AVN will be in court on Monday, November 25thThe long-awaited decision of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal (ADT) will be handed down on Monday, November 25th in Sydney. As you probably remember, the Department of Fair Trading … [Read more...]

Teddy At TEDxPerth


I have a problem that sometimes irks people - I don't get stage fright. At least, I don't get stage fright the same way other people seem to get stage fright.The last time I remember it being an issue was when I was at college and I was a minor character in a play (one of several minor characters, really - it was an all-woman cast and fairly equally balanced in terms of speaking roles). I was backstage before the one and only performance and just felt this overwhelming emptiness. … [Read more...]