Little Kitten – Amazing Mind Reader Reveals His ‘Gift’

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Google Hangout Review – Skeptical Manga Doodles!

I'm currently watching this: ...and as Fraser Cain said (when he popped in to say hello to everyone), it is brilliant that people are using Hangouts in a variety of ways - as great as Astronomy hangouts are and virtual skeptics / conversational get-togethers are. This "Skeptical Manga Doodles" session was being run by Kyle Hill, Sara Mayhew, Astrid Johannsen and Bob Blaskiewicz.Conversations were in no way restricted to technicalities like scribe pads, scripts and sketches and the difficulties … [Read more...]

Earlybird Tickets Close Today For ScienceRewired – Get To Adelaide For SCIENCE!

Last chance for earlybird tickets! And I'll be releasing a collection of the interviews that feature on the AudioBoo ScienceRewired page on the Token Skeptic podcast later tonight! sciencerewired - 11th October at The Science Exchange in Adelaide, Australia - Before the 1st September and save $100 – that’s today! We’ll be exploring the impact of social media, crowdsourcing and digital technologies on science communication and citizen science on the major social and scientific issues of our time. … [Read more...]

R. Elisabeth Cornwell at TAM 2012 – Social Networks: Civilizing the Future

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#NSWk Giant Science – World Record Attempt At Curtin University

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Little Kitten – How to Wrap Your Heaphones Without Losing Your Mind

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How To Be Fed Up – 101

Lesson One: WHAT IS A COMMUNITY? We recently posted an innocent looking piece of fan art on Facebook that was created by one of our community members. The image playfully mashed up the themes of Mass Effect and My Little Pony, depicting the Pinkie Pie character in N7 armor. We thought it was hilarious and wanted to let the rest of our community in on the fun... Lesson Two: Jason Manford on Trolls and Gary Barlow ...But during the Olympic closing ceremony I posted this: “Fair play Gary Barlow. Wha … [Read more...]

How Not To Promote BigFoot Belief On Twitter…

Click on the picture to head to Hayley's hilarious adventures with "A conversation about Sasquatch".You can follow Hayley Stevens (and her website) on Twitter and you can follow Alice Sheppard (and her website) on Twitter as well. Patronising dearies need not apply. … [Read more...]

Virtual Landing Party For The Curiosity Lander – Live On YouTube/Google+!

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Day 1, ReSource 2012: Sir David Attenborough OM

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Digital Food Printer (Might Not Be Advised For Cats)

I don't know how many of you are familiar with a character called the Cat in a show called Red Dwarf...MIT’s Digital Food Printer Creates Nutritious Meals Marcelo Coelho and Amit Zoran, a couple ingenious minds at MIT... Hailed as ‘The Cornucopia’, this 3-D printer concept is a personal food factory that fuses the digital world with the realm of cooking by storing, precisely mixing, depositing, and cooking layers of ingredients with no waste. After a meal selection has been made using the devic … [Read more...]