Media140 Perth – Working At DigitalMe 2012

You can spot me working with the other brilliant bloggers at around the 1:20min mark. I'm taking photos. This was one of the three days that I spent volunteering with Media140 - highly recommended and a wonderful experience with a dedicated team.By the way, you can see the screen of my laptop at about the .26 second mark here in the Media140 Business video... because I was probably the only blogger following Teller on Twitter! … [Read more...]

The First Rule Of Atheist Club…

"Even when atheists make entirely peaceful, positive, seemingly uncontroversial statements in public forums, we still get vicious rhetorical attacks and threats. I think incidents like these prove that we can't possibly be "nice enough" to win everyone over, at least not if that's our sole tactic." The First Rule of Atheist Club is that you cannot be nice. No one can be nice. You'll never be nice enough, so don't try.Second Rule of Atheist Club is that arrival tea, biscuits and fruit must be … [Read more...]

Humanity+ @Melbourne 2012 Summit – Happening Soon!

A Future Science and Technology conference - this two day  long conference in Melbourne may interest some scientists and science communicators, as well as skeptics (considering that both the recent NECSS featured a panel on Futurism and the forthcoming TAM is advertising a workshop on "Skepticism about the Future: Techno-optimism vs. Reality").5-6 May 2012 - Melbourne - Humanity+ FUTURE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGYJoin the conversation at Humanity+ Summit on 5-6th of May to explore the poss … [Read more...]

The Token Skeptic Interviews – Gia Milinovich (Meets The Blues Brothers – Kind Of)

I'll be away volunteering for the next few days at several conferences in a row (check out the work of the Media140 Perth team here) - in the meantime, feel free to be entertained and enlightened with some behind-the-scenes stories and interviews from the Token Skeptic podcast - and check out Sharon Hill's latest "Sounds Sciencey" at CSICOP with “You are Not Entitled to Your Own Bigfoot Facts”! I'll be back blogging as usual early next week. I don't know about you, but whenever I think about some … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Mini Golf Inspired By Portal, MineCraft And More

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Digital Futures – Media140 Conferences In Perth – Coming Soon!

There's three technology and internet conferences happening in a row in Perth - two are free for everyone to attend! You'll be able to see the content featured at - but first, here's the days that are up for grabs:26th April -  DIGITAL BUSINESS - Agenda - What are the key challenges facing business in the digital age? DigitalBusiness will showcase the latest thinking in social media, social mobile and social commerce to help you develop more effective digital str … [Read more...]

Google Glasses: A New Way to Hurt Yourself

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Peter The Elephant Plays With A Galaxy Note

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Fix Your PC With A Crystal Pendulum!

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Numberphile – Douglas Adams And 42

Notice! On Sunday, 25th March, from 1:00pm until 2:00pm in Melbourne, The State Library are holding their Children's Books spectacular and Embiggen Books has been swept up in the excitement.Michael Pryor author of the amazing Laws of Magic series and George Ivanoff writer of the brilliant Gamers series will be there - head to the Facebook event page to RSVP and get more details....and since it's the Young Adult Fiction days over that weekend, here's a video that mentions a book I first read … [Read more...]

I’m A SocMed Star! And Vaccines to Change the World Lecture At Melbourne Uni!

Wahh, I won something! No, not an elephant, a certificate! Thank you, Bridge8! Kristin: The ability to synthesise complex information and articulate it in a clear and concise way is a skill. When that is done well within a strict word limit under tight deadlines, it’s something to celebrate. Kylie Sturgess (@kyliesturgess), Dr Krystal Evans (@dr_krystal) and Dr Sarah Keenihan (@sciencesarah) are worth celebrating. Over the course of the Australian Science Communicators Conference in 2012 they mad … [Read more...]