Berlin Congress And Marian Call Interview Out On The Skeptical Inquirer Site!

This is very cool - they've printed my more recent articles online! In the September/October 2012 edition, the magazine focused on arts and the intersection with skepticism - so here's a link with the interview with musician Marian Call: The first song that I ever heard from you was a live performance. I was at Dragon*Con and suddenly there was this person in the middle of the Parsec Awards performing on a typewriter. The song was “I’ll Still Be a Geek After No One Thinks It’s Chic,” a.k.a. “The … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Videos – Dragon*Con 2008 Continued

Part of the Token Skeptic Dragon*Con series - if you enjoy my films please consider doing three things - one, donate to the Abrupt Media group, who film and stream videos from the stage and provide the audio. Secondly, check out the audio from previous years that was kindly provided to me from the SkepTrack, that features on the Token Skeptic podcast. Finally - if you want to learn more about podcasting, promoting science and being a part of another great conference that I'll be at on the 11th Oc … [Read more...]

James Randi At The World Skeptics Congress #6WSC12

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Thank You, World Skeptics Congress, Berlin! #6WSC12

It's all over! I'll have a very tiny podcast episode out soonish, which is just a mixture of interviews and fun from the event. Thank you again, all the organisers, behind-the-scenes crew, fellow presenters and the fabulous people in the audience and all the support you gave. It really made the event unmissable and unbeatable.Simon Perry on Fishbarrel:Ray Hyman, James Randi and Massimo Polidoro:The wonderful Josie, who has been a gem (and not just because that's her field!):If you want … [Read more...]

James Randi At The World Skeptics Congress And Women, Media And Science #6WSC12

It's a Sunday morning and everyone is on the edge of their seats, to hear Massimo Polidoro interview James Randi. We're hearing stories about the Alpha Kids, Philippine faith-healers, Peter Popoff, how his asteroid is larger than Arthur C. Clarke's (although more recently named - thanks for the correction, Rolak!), the intersection of science and magic......and how a matchbox didn't fool him:New podcast episode out at the Token Skeptic, one that I conducted a while back - Episode One Hun … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Best-Of And On Education And Pseudoscience At The JREF’s Swift! #6WSC12

I wrote the blogpost for the latest Token Skeptic podcast - my second "Best Of" compilation... and accidentally set it to be auto-timed to appear in the middle of the conference, before I had a chance to upload it. Whoops.HOWEVER!It's now finally out at Episode One Hundred And Twenty – On Token Skepticism – The Best Of (Yet Again) and it features clips from interviews I've done over the +120 shows I've created:On Tribal Science – With Michael McRae On Sexism, Skepticism And Civility Online … [Read more...]

Safe, Happy In Berlin (Rather Cold Though!) #6WSC12

Just a quick (quick!) note - I have arrived in Berlin for the World Skeptics Congress and I'm still kind of getting over jet-lag. Because there's no wifi at the conference hotel (I think?) I'm restricted with blogging, et al, but I'll try when I can. This also means I'll be turning off comments on the site, as I can't moderate anything easily and have no time/access to interact (it seems fairer that way). I think it will also help me focus on the work I'll be doing here, as I'm doing a … [Read more...]

Video Of The Global Atheist Convention – By AskEgg

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Thanks American Airlines – Anti-Vaccination Message Shot Out Of The Skies

In case you missed it on other blogs and news updates (such as the ever-dedicated Doubtful News) - a little while back, I got an alert: American Airlines have acquiesced to a 3 1/2 min AVN interview on the in-flight "Executive Report". The audio will play on 58,000 American Airline flights between July and August and the "interview" will feature in the American Way in-flight magazine. This resulted in a 2000+ signed petition (they nearly got to the goal of 2500!) over on, called "Ask A … [Read more...]

I Kind Of Got Kidnapped By Richard Dawkins And Ayaan Hirsi Ali At The Global Atheist Convention

I have a problem saying "No" to people.Especially if the people I'm saying "No" to are persistent, taller, famous and I can't fire off a good reason to tell them to stay put.A good reason, like "But the bodyguards think that you're staying backstage here, and there's no backstage crew near for me to tell them what you're now going down the hallway without me unless I show you the way aren't you......oh dear holy hades, okay, it's this way..." ***** Backstage. The Global Atheist … [Read more...]

An Unconventional Global Atheist Convention Round-Up – Wednesday To Thursday #AtheistCon

New Token Skeptic Podcast out tomorrow morning - Episode #115 - On Myths And Makeup - Pseudoscience And Cosmetics! I'll have a link to a partial transcript of the show, some time in the future.Firstly, my apologies for this being a little late with the first half of an overview, but there was so much to write and I ended up thinking that photographs and links might give a better idea of my experiences over this rather long weekend.There's plenty of other blogs that have done comprehensive … [Read more...]