I Kind Of Got Kidnapped By Richard Dawkins And Ayaan Hirsi Ali At The Global Atheist Convention

I have a problem saying "No" to people.Especially if the people I'm saying "No" to are persistent, taller, famous and I can't fire off a good reason to tell them to stay put.A good reason, like "But the bodyguards think that you're staying backstage here, and there's no backstage crew near for me to tell them what you're now going down the hallway without me unless I show you the way aren't you......oh dear holy hades, okay, it's this way..." ***** Backstage. The Global Atheist … [Read more...]

An Unconventional Global Atheist Convention Round-Up – Wednesday To Thursday #AtheistCon

New Token Skeptic Podcast out tomorrow morning - Episode #115 - On Myths And Makeup - Pseudoscience And Cosmetics! I'll have a link to a partial transcript of the show, some time in the future.Firstly, my apologies for this being a little late with the first half of an overview, but there was so much to write and I ended up thinking that photographs and links might give a better idea of my experiences over this rather long weekend.There's plenty of other blogs that have done comprehensive … [Read more...]

Global Atheist Convention – Tribute To Christopher Hitchens Video

More on the convention later. Enjoy (and try not to burst into tears like I did when I saw it on the big screen). … [Read more...]

The Unconventional Convention Sunday Morning At #AtheistCon

Just a few photos of lovely things that I don't want to forget:The Sunday morning crowd, ready to go with Eugenie Scott's talk.Organisers getting ready for the day.T-shirts for sale at the GAC.My friends Alistair and Belinda, working hard at the tables. … [Read more...]

An Unconventional Friday And Saturday Convention Post #AtheistCon

I'm backstage at the moment (finally got myself wifi), and Daniel Dennett is nearby, digging though his bag to find his phone. He is not a Twitter-user and doesn't seem enthused about the prospect of Twitter at all. "What do people do with it?" I've shown him that it's kind of like a bulletin-board, with updates in real time, jokes, banter, debates and news... but he's a little baffled as to the appeal. I doubt he'll be nattering to Leslie Cannold online any time soon.AC Grayling is on the TV … [Read more...]

What Did Lawrence And I Open With For #AtheistCon?

Welcome everyone to the Second Coming of the Global Atheist Convention! It's a return that even Jesus hasn't managed yet!It’s a pleasure to be part of with the largest gathering of free thinkers who all think the same thing… actually, we all think different things, that’s what makes us human. But we are all here because each of us has come to question the existence of god and what it means to be an atheist. To talk about why we promote reason, science, compassion & humanism to help make the … [Read more...]

Quick Unconventional #AtheistCon Update For Today

I had someone comment about the Fringe events - they are listed here on the official site and I mentioned a whole bunch of them here as well.Early morning update! Sent from the Convention itself about today: Earlybird registration will open at 2:00pm tomorrow for anyone keen to beat the queues. Drinks and canapés will kick off at 6:15pm. 'Check-in' on Facebook via the official Facebook page on your smartphone or tablet device. Limited tickets still available and can be purchased at the … [Read more...]

An Unconventional Not-Quite-Convention Post #AtheistCon

My feet hurt.That's it, back to what you were doing.Hey, the UWA Atheists and Skeptics got a shout-out in the West Australian newspaper! Oh, look, it's the view from my hotel room... Okay, that's not all that's been going on, but here's the VERY RAPID SUMMARY. … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss The Fringe Events Around The Global #AtheistCon!

I'm packing shirts like this...In order to wear them at events like these!All events held at Embiggen Books are about half to three-quarters booked already - move fast and RSVP at 03 9662 2062 or events@embiggenbooks.com or instore, so you don't miss out!WEDNESDAY (today!)Nobel Prize Winner Peter Doherty and Peter Ellerton: Science, Scepticism and Society -  6.30pm at Embiggen Books. Nobel Prize winner Peter Doherty in conversation with Peter Ellerton (winner of the Australian Skeptics cr … [Read more...]

The Global #AtheistCon Journal – Preparations

First, the packing.Kind of. Please get out of the case.i help packYou're not helping, you're getting in the way!i find mouse!There's no mouse. Get out.i dont like you i shake back leg - you are litter-trayPlease get out - I have all of these things to fit in and if they don't fit, I have to use another case.get another case this one is mineI haven't even tried that case yet!it fits me - i sleep nowDon't you dare, I have limited time to...shhh im asleepYou are NOT … [Read more...]

The UWA EDFAA Rises From The Flood (Warning – Contains Library Porn)

I'm typing from the silent study / teaching room at the EDFAA library at UWA.Honestly, I am! I can't believe it myself.I stood in line for about five minutes, hoping to talk to one of the librarians, just to say "WAHHHHH!!! YOU'RE BACK!!"Then I realised that she was wrestling with a student's library print token (it's been run over by a Large Hadron Collider, I think) that was screwing up her card-reader and thought that I'd go write this blogpost and go back for a quote when things are qu … [Read more...]