Links Du Jour – Psychic Test Fail, PM Awards And Photographing Zombies (Grrr, Arghh… Get Off My Lawn, Kids)

I'm a little down - the weather is heading towards miserable outside, the cat is grumbling about being kept in and people are just awful on the internet. 'Ain't it the way?Never mind, it's Halloween for you Americans......and "Get The Hell Off My Damned Lawn Kids, This Isn't The USA And Screaming 'I Think They're Not Home!!' Down My Street While Dressed In Your Mother's Best Frock Stained With Tomato Sauce And Wearing A Traffic Cone Painted Black On Your Head Still Won't Make Me Open The … [Read more...]

Videos From #ScienceRewired – See The Talks Online! #SRW12

Firstly, another huge thanks to everyone involved with ScienceRewired - and to Bora for giving my blogging of the event a shout-out on the Scientific American site!Here's a few highlights; check out the Vimeo site for more.Digital Citizen Science Platforms from ScienceRewired on Vimeo. Discover how citizen science is making use of digital mediums to engage with the public and address key scientific questions. Features John La Salle Director, Atlas of Living Australia - - and … [Read more...]

Gone Viral – Bodyform Maxipad Response (Can Men Not Handle The Truth About Periods?)

Quick question - when I was in Berlin, I was cheerfully scolded for not being available to defend the claim that "having a period is worse than cutting oneself shaving".If I had the chance back then, I think I would have briskly outlined the meaning and ramifications of the terms menorrhagia, dysmenorrhea,  irregular cycles and endometriosis. As it was, we ran off and did a photo opportunity with James Randi instead.I guess this made me reflect again, months after the original missed discu … [Read more...]

Wednesday Links – Get Thinking, Get Feminist, Get Links

A few things on my radar today, mostly because of a friend has been musing about feminism and I thought of posting a few resources and links.A book recommendation, something that I've read several times (and had to replace after dropping it in the bath, which is actually a good sign because it means that that I'm taking time to savour it over steam): Reclaiming the F Word: The New Feminist Movement by Catherine Redfern and Kristin Aune: In today's "post-feminist" society, women and men are … [Read more...]

An Eyeful of Sound – Discussion About Synesthesia

RiAus Film Club: An Eyeful of Sound - Discussion about synesthesia from RiAus on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Has Multiculturalism Failed? Panel Discussion Featuring Alom Shaha On Radio National

Last year the leaders of both Germany and Britain declared their multicultural policies had been a failure. But in a world which is already multicultural, this forum looks at how we might be able to move beyond the problems raised by bigotry.I attended this - a great day out! It's on Radio National, presented by Phillip Adams: Has Multiculturalism Failed - Perth Writers Festival Forum.Alom Shaha - British born Bangladeshi author, atheist and science teacher, author of The Young Atheist's … [Read more...]

Sense Of Humour And Americans – The Perth Central Institute Of Technology “Henry & Aaron” Snap Ad

I blogged about this video recently - The Perth Central Institute of Technology "Snap" video - it caught my attention mostly because it's a college I attended briefly (I did part-time intro to Sign Language there, after work twice a week when I was a young teacher at an inner-city school). I thought the video was brilliant, although gruesome, and I was really surprised and pleased to hear that it went viral - especially since it features comedians from my home town. Warning - morbid! Here's one … [Read more...]

Wednesday Links – Bye-Bye Prop 8, Kicked-Out Komen, Alt Med In Universities Interview And Love Love Love

Firstly, another thought-provoking post by Daniel Loxton on Skeptic Blogs - "Russell's Hedgehogs and Hirst's Shark": This straightforward advice—try not to take people’s word for stuff, especially when we’re promoting a position in public—is a core skeptical concept. It underpins all of skeptical scholarship, for responsible skeptical outreach demands the due diligence exercise of checking everything twice. Someone says they saw something? Maybe they did, and maybe they didn’t. We ought to try to … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic – Now On The Radio!

Okay, sure - it may be just a little announcement, but it's all mine to give to you: Science for Skeptics has been running for about three years on a Friday evening on the 99.1FM in Wisconsin, featuring great audio from Skeptically Speaking, Rationally Speaking, Books and Ideas, Skeptoid and many others. They’ve asked to feature the occasional episode of the Token Skeptic podcast! The very first episode will be out on the 10th February, featuring Julia Lavarnway, Susan Gerbic and … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Interview – Julian Morrow Of The Chaser

I'm in the final stages of writing the book of the Token Skeptic podcast - so here's an interview from the archives that you might enjoy. I interviewed Julian Morrow of the Chaser, who featured at the Saturday night dinner at the Global Atheist convention in 2010. Don't forget that the tickets for the dinner (and the event itself) for the Global Atheist Convention in 2012 are selling fast, so if you want to be a part, do head to the site. The Chaser is an Australian satirical comedian group, mos … [Read more...]

What’s In My Bag (AKA What Have I Been Doing) – January 2012

I could do a very, VERY long blog-post about everything I've been doing in January.But to be brutally frank, the contents of my bag (which I've just tipped out over the table, in order to find my phone) says it all - et voilà:Firstly, lower right corner - two books that I've been carrying around. The first is Graffiti and Street Art by Anna Waclawek, which I used as a source of inspiration during a gifted and talented Community of Inquiry session that I helped out with. The COI even had two … [Read more...]