Buy the Teaching of the Twelve for $5!

As Spring shifts to Summer, bookstores rotate their inventory and shift books around.  That moves books in and out of publishers’ warehouses and sometimes results in some amazing deals.  That sometime is now for my book, The Teaching of the Twelve: Believing and Practicing the Primitive Christianity of the Ancient Didache Community.

The book is a primer on the Didache, the handbook of a very early Christian community.  You can read the complete text of the Didache here, or listen to me read it:

Tony Jones reads the Didache (mp3)

It’s been used as a group use resource in several churches, and I’ve heard great things back from them.  Each chapter ends with some study questions, and the Didache raises important and interesting questions about church practices like communion and baptism as well as handling money and living in community.

So, for a limited time, Paraclete is offering The Teaching of the Twelve for just FIVE BUCKS!  Rather than restock a couple cases of the book in their warehouse, they’re looking to move get them in your hands.  Now is the time to buy one for yourself, or a pile of them for your group this fall.


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