Save Google Reader

I use Google Reader every day.  Many times every day.  It’s where I read almost all blogs, much news, and more.  And, I use the Share function (see the right sidebar below (“Tony’s Picks”) for items I’ve recently shared.

In an underhanded attempt to get users to adopt Google+, it seems that Google is on the brink of dropping the sharing functions from Google Reader, and possibly eliminating the service altogether.

You can sign the petition to keep Google Reader.  You can also blog and tweet about it.

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  • Um…not sure I understand what the fuss is about. They’re not going to kill it off; they’re just going to swap out the app-specific friending/sharing functionality for their new, global-across-their-ecosystem friending/sharing platform, Google+. They’d be crazy not to. Not sure why anybody would want to try to stop them, but I guarantee they’re going to go ahead. Not doing this would be like, I don’t know, like Apple introducing iCloud but saying, “Yeah, for MacOS we’re going to keep MobileMe, ’cause folks are used to it”. Or something.

    Yeah, you’ll have to start over with your friend connections. Sorry. They’re going to do it anyway, just like Apple nixed even the bits of MobileMe that don’t carry right over to iCloud.

  • I read the official (sorta) post on their blog about it. It doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, although it does look like it’s getting tweaked, as Mike said, to incorporate it with Google+.

    Remember, if you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer.

    • I know they’re tweaking it, in order to align it more with Google+.

      And, I am a customer of Google. I’ve purchased ads from them. And trust me, they’ve made money of of my sites.

  • Kenton

    “of of”??? Is that like “loves wins”?