Some Thoughts on the Terror in Boston [VIDEO]

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  • I noticed the tone of the reporting as well, and appreciated it. The blogosphere wasn’t so sensitive but I think people say things there they might not say face to face or with their voices. Maybe that’s why. I’m not sure.

    Also appreciated your point about the peace we live in currently.


  • I have a couple facebook friends (Christians) who never miss an opportunity to “prove” that Islam is evil and must be fought. I am surprised they have said little about the Boston event. I am glad they haven’t, but I am not sure why they are silent.

    BTW, I think I notice a set of Kittel on your shelf with only nine volumes. When I bought my set, the index was not yet available (volume X), so I had to buy it later. Are you missing the index? Perhaps you don’t need it.

    • Yes, I’ve got the index. Got the whole set as an ordination gift from my church in 1997.

  • Nice gift!

  • Mark Kirschieper

    The concept of God’s implication, in evil, is not offensive. It’s really a sort of hypothetical presupposition…Humanity is still choosing to “sin”. The creature, is in actuallity, the causitive agent, of evil, not the creator. I reckon middle knowlege, to be the best mediator between God’s sovereignty, and the free will of man. Even, the Roman church, does not label it heresy.

  • Mark K.

    Oops…I Posted this on the wrong thread. It actually belongs on Tony’s thread about God’s implication in evil. Sorry

  • Beorn


    Two quick quiestions:

    1. Would the news reporting have been as “timid” if the perpetrators had been fundamentalist christian?

    2. What in your view helped create this unusual time of relative peace in our world’s history?

  • Tony there are almost crickets chirping on your site over the Boston event. It does not even appear that you write your opinions from behind.

    • Traci Smith

      What does this even mean?!

      • Tony has a good idea.

  • Traci Smith

    A couple of thoughts: I am surprised to say I liked the video blog format. When I clicked on to catch up with Theoblogy, I thought “THREE MINUTES I don’t know if I want to devote three minutes to one post!” But I braved it and clicked. I liked it… I look forward to more of this. #2… I loved point 2 about the relative safety of the world we live in. It’s a value I hope to impart to my children. How? I’m not quite sure yet, but I think this analysis is right on.

  • Good thoughts Tony. I especially appreciate the reminder to put moments of terror like this in historical perspective.

  • I am getting tired of this double standard when bombings/attacks occur. When it is Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols and Ted Kaczynski, we say they are loners and not part of some larger global conspiracy laced in religious blabber. When it is someone with darker skin color, they are apart of a global conspiracy, religiously motivated, and the expert panels come out on tv and radio as they try to understand what in their home towns/lands motivated them to act this way.