How To Interpret the Bible [VIDEO]

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  • Craig

    What’s up with the costumes? Is this some kind of cult?

  • Mich

    Is that a clip on?

  • Rhett

    Dat hat!

  • “We are all on a slippery slope and it is going to be okay.” Good advice!

  • Jim Armstrong

    I have thought that a question to ask young literalists was whether they worship on the Sabbath?

  • ben w.

    The point about shrimp just doesn’t apply. The prohibitions of various OT food laws, including shrimp, bacon, etc, have been recognized by every major stream of Christian theology as being completed/abolished/altered by the New Covenant in Christ (Acts 10, Col 2:16). The same is true for the Sabbath. Christians don’t worship on the Jewish Sabbath because we’re not Jews. We gather to celebrate and remember the resurrection of Christ on Sunday, and find the fulfillment of the Jewish Sabbath in the eternal rest brought by Christ (Heb 4:9). There’s essential continuity from the OT to the NT, but Christ also brings radical discontinuity. These changes are not just Christians employing a hypocritical or contradictory hermeneutic, but doctrines arising from careful interaction with the text (even if some would disagree).

    Tony, I don’t understand why you’d encourage your students to check their faith position at the door. Maybe as an occasional exercise, but do you also call the non-believing students to come to the text and read it, even if only for a week, with “eyes of faith” to see how different their experience might be? I would suspect that you would especially spurn such an attempt to get students to find a “purely objective” position from which to study the text. Maybe I misunderstand what you’re saying about your class.