Why Was He Crucified?

There’s still time for you to enter our latest #progGOD Challenge: Why a Crucifixion? Remember, this time there are prizes for the best entries. And, being that it’s Holy Week next week, so lots of preachers will be cruising the internet looking for material. You might get quoted at your parents’ church!

Regarding My Popularity with the Secular World

As this blog has grown in popularity, I’ve been getting more and more unsolicited email through my website. That’s been interesting. So, I thought I’d occasionally post them here, since I figure that you can help me respond. Here’s one from Antonette:

Tony you are preaching a false Gospel, you are part of the apostasy that the Word of God talks will come about in the last days…………you dont preach what was delivered to the saints for once for all Jude 1:4. I suggest you repent and go back to the Word of God, other wise on that judgement day Jesus will say to you. “Go away you evil one, for I never knew you.” You must preach what is written in Gods word, not what you hope it says ………..just to be popular with the secular world…..who do not love you, for it was Christ who died for you not the world who Gods says, if the world hates us, it hated Him Jesus first. where do you stand?

Let’s hear some responses. I’ll pick my favorite and send it back to her. Then, of course, I’ll let you know how she replies.

A Week Away

Beginning today, I will be away from the blog for a week. I only take two weeks per year off of the blog — now and in August. But don’t worry — I have awesome guest posts set up by my friends all week. You’ll be hearing from Darrell Dow and Jon Huckins, Christine Sine and Peter Rollins. Plus, a special surprise tomorrow with this week’s Questions That Haunt.

So please stay tuned all week for great posts and even better comments!

And I’ll talk to you next week.

Hey Slacktivist, Here’s Another One for the Bonfire List

Blogger/rocker Brianna Kocka

Like so many of us these days, Brianna Kocka is on the boundary of faith and doubt, Christianity and non-Christianity. She’s blogging through her thoughts and experiences. I met with her last week, and she’s sharp. You should read this post, and subscribe to her blog:

So where did this break down for me? I can’t remember if it was while I was in class, or maybe I was doing some reading on Socrates. Either way, I came across his paraphrased quote: “All I know is that I know nothing.” It was like ripping a muscle to make you stronger: it hurt like hell when I read it, but I knew, in all of its humility, that there was something there, it was burning and ripping something new in me. If there was one assertion that could ever be made, it was that we can’t fully ‘get at’ anything, except admitting that we can’t.

This Socratic concept was an act of grace and humility for me. I began to accept that my worldview was but a speck in the great cosmos. In this I had to admit to myself that maybe, just maybe my understanding of the Bible as I knew it was wrong, or at least not right. My foundation was crumbling, and next I had to ask myself, ‘how then do you view the Bible?’

Upon a lot of introspection and critical thinking, I’ve now learned that most of what I am reacting to is bad theology.

Read the rest: Blame it on Socrates: The Bible and Doubt | brianna kocka.

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