An Invitation to Christian Feminists

For the week of June 10, I am turning this blog over to feminist and womanist authors.

Some, whom I already read, I have already invited to post. Others, whom I do not (yet) read, can submit posts here. If I receive more entries that I can reasonably post, I have a small group of people (not me) who will sort through and select the entries.

Each post will be unedited. Criticism of me and my work is acceptable, as is criticism of the emergent movement. I’d prefer it if ad hominem criticism were avoided. Ad hominem criticism of others will not be accepted.

For those who have validly wondered if this blog is a safe space for female voices, I will not be actively moderating the comments. Nor will I be commenting. I will be reading, and listening.

If you are a Christian (or post-Christian, or non-Christian) feminist (or womanist), I hope that you will consider contributing a post.

Also, be sure and bookmark Fred’s Bonfire List.

Forgive Me, Too

Rachel wrote a very difficult post earlier this week. Then she asked for forgiveness from her readers if she hadn’t dealt with the topic perfectly.

The first was a courageous post.

The second was even more courageous, and I’d like to echo it here, for my readers: [Read more...]

Is My Version of the Gospel Exclusionary?

I spent a lot of time sitting quietly in the woods this weekend, waiting to shoot a wild turkey who never arrived — he just gobbled at me from behind some trees, mocking my attempt to plate him. So I had a lot of time to think.

Then, I ran my ideas for a blog response to last week’s kerfuffle by Courtney, who had been out of town all weekend, and she gently told me that they were all bad ideas.

As an Enneagram 8, my overriding desire is always always always for justice. Justice for others, justice for me. In years past, I became incredibly morose over the injustices in the Family Court System during my divorce — in fact, in Minnesota it’s called the “Family Justice System,” but my therapist told me to stop calling it that because it’s not really about justice, at least not in the sense that I understand it. (That therapist also refers to me as the “Big Boy Scout” for some of the same reasons.)

What felt unjust to me last week and over the weekend is that I felt unjustly accused, and I felt that I was not heard. David Miller, a frequent critic of mine, wonders the same thing in a less-than-totally-affirming post (that I nevertheless encourage you to read). But Courtney convinced me that spilling more pixels trying to make everyone understand that I really am quite aware of my privilege and my social location won’t help.

So, I am instead going to respond to the heart of Dr. Cleveland’s objection to my talk in Springfield last month: that claiming one version of the gospel is preferable to another version is necessarily exclusionary of diverse voices.

[Read more...]


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-I’m getting on a plane to go to Lauren Winner’s wedding (yay!) — I’ll write my thoughts on God’s omniscience en route.

-I’m done quarreling with David Fitch (yay!) — it seems he’s incorrigible.

OK, open thread in the comments today. Do you have any thoughts on the points above, or is there anything you’d like to see addressed in the blog? (As always, shoot me links and questions through my website, Facebook, or Twitter.)