Of Baseball Mitts, Resurrections, Announcements, and New Beginnings

I received the baseball mitt on the left in second grade. It was way too big for me then, in 1976. It’s a Bob Grich playmaker model, and I loved it. I played with it through middle school; it came with me for intramural softball in college and seminary in the ’80s and ’90s, and church league softball in the ’00s. Its latest endeavor is to accompany me as the Little League coach for my oldest son.

This will be the fourth summer that I’ll coach Little League, and I knew that one thing needed to change. I needed a new mitt. As much as it pains me to retire my beloved Rawlings, it is simply too old to continue its decades-long service to me. The leather is threadbare and torn, and no amount of oil can resuscitate it.

And so, I bought a new mitt last week.

I’m sure that the Louisville Slugger Omaha Flare will serve me well, but it will never be the Rawlings. That’s okay. I have no remorse about it, but it is change.

Speaking of change…

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Why Was He Crucified?

There’s still time for you to enter our latest #progGOD Challenge: Why a Crucifixion?┬áRemember, this time there are prizes for the best entries. And, being that it’s Holy Week next week, so lots of preachers will be cruising the internet looking for material. You might get quoted at your parents’ church!

Regarding My Popularity with the Secular World

As this blog has grown in popularity, I’ve been getting more and more unsolicited email through my website. That’s been interesting. So, I thought I’d occasionally post them here, since I figure that you can help me respond. Here’s one from Antonette:

Tony you are preaching a false Gospel, you are part of the apostasy that the Word of God talks will come about in the last days…………you dont preach what was delivered to the saints for once for all Jude 1:4. I suggest you repent and go back to the Word of God, other wise on that judgement day Jesus will say to you. “Go away you evil one, for I never knew you.” You must preach what is written in Gods word, not what you hope it says ………..just to be popular with the secular world…..who do not love you, for it was Christ who died for you not the world who Gods says, if the world hates us, it hated Him Jesus first. where do you stand?

Let’s hear some responses. I’ll pick my favorite and send it back to her. Then, of course, I’ll let you know how she replies.

A Week Away

Beginning today, I will be away from the blog for a week. I only take two weeks per year off of the blog — now and in August. But don’t worry — I have awesome guest posts set up by my friends all week. You’ll be hearing from Darrell Dow and Jon Huckins, Christine Sine and Peter Rollins. Plus, a special surprise tomorrow with this week’s Questions That Haunt.

So please stay tuned all week for great posts and even better comments!

And I’ll talk to you next week.