Christian Life in the Inventive Age

Doug Pagitt has completed his four-book cycle on the Christian faith in the “Inventive Age.” Doug coined that phrase to explain what he thinks is going on right now.

Back when we started what became Emergent Village, we talked a lot about the particular age that we are now living in. And we were highly influenced by the writings of Richard Florida regarding the rise of the “Cultural Creatives.” Florida argues that what America has to offer the global economy is not the return of blue collar manufacturing — sorry ObamaRomneyGingrich, it’s not gonna happen — but the uniquely creative ideas and products that have launched Apple, Disney, and thousands of other companies.

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Lauren Winner’s Loneliness

All week, I’ll be posting about Lauren Winner’s new book, Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis. I’m doing so because I think it’s an important book, and I hope that you all read it.

Lauren is a self-confessed introvert, but that doesn’t meant that she doesn’t experience deep and terrifying loneliness, a topic she addresses forthrightly in Still:

I used to say to Ruth, in all those tortured moments before I left my husband, that what I feared most was loneliness. Not being alone, which I often find perfect and peaceful, but loneliness, which makes me want to die, which makes me think I will die, which I will do anything to avoid feeling: call a friend, go shopping; pedal endless, frantic miles on my stationary bike; pour another drink; take another sleeping pill.

What Ruth says is: Maybe I should try to stay in the loneliness, just for five minutes, just for ten minutes. Maybe the loneliness has something for me. Maybe I should see what that something is.

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A Web of Books

A cool new tool uses info from Amazon to connect a book you like with dozens of others.

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Get “The New Christians” for Cheep!

Amazon has dropped the price of my book, The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier to its lowest price (in paperback) ever – $8.51.

Now’s the time to buy!