How I Got My Publishers to Drop the Price of My Books to $.99

Short answer: I asked.

Longer answer:

In November, I started thinking about Christmas. Not what I would get, or what I would give. Instead, I was listening to all of the reports about iPads and Kindles that were going to be sold over the holidays. Combine that with millions of dollars given on Amazon gift cards, and I thought: There are going to be a lot of ebooks sold in the two weeks after Christmas!

So I composed an email and sent it to every publisher with whom I’ve had a book in the past. I asked them if they’d be willing to drop the price of my ebooks in to $.99 for one week, starting on Christmas. All but one did, but it took some coaxing. As a result, we (Doug Pagitt and I) sold a bunch of books.

Here are my tips, based on this experience:

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Lauren Winner on Doubt, Prayer, and the Eucharist [VIDEO]

In part two of my interview with Lauren Winner about her book, Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis,, we talk about faith, agnosticism, prayer, and why Lauren pursued became an Episcopal priest.

Lauren Winner on Writing and Regrets [VIDEO]

In part one of my interview with Lauren Winner about her book, Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis, we talk about writing, regrets, divorce, and what a memoir really is.

Part two coming tomorrow.

Lauren Winner’s Faith

All week, I’ll be posting about Lauren Winner’s new book, Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis. I’m doing so because I think it’s an important book, and I hope that you all read it.

Maybe you guessed this is how my series would end. That even through divorce, loneliness, depression, and the occasional bourbon, Lauren has stayed faithful.

Well, that’s not exactly right. It’s not faith, exactly, that has grounded her during her mid-life tumult. It’s religion. She writes, [Read more…]