Seminaries: Training People to Repair Phone Booths

In the video above, the realities of seminary today are explicating, and it should be a chilling watch for most anyone involved in the business. It is for me, teaching as I do at one mainline seminary and one evangelical seminary. And I’ve watched the ponderous process of curriculum change at both of those seminaries, overseen by the Association of Theological Schools, an organization not known for its flexibility.

These are hard times. Change will need to come a lot quicker than it is…

Kirk Cameron Says Forget Gay Marriage, Let’s Go After the Fornicators!


Kirk says the threat to marriage isn’t outside the church, it’s inside the church:

When people get too focused on redefining marriage, you’re distracted from the bigger problem – fornicators and adulterers… If the people sitting in the pews are fornicators and adulterers, the church will destroy marriages much more quickly than those outside the church. When God’s people mock marriage, God doesn’t take that lightly…I think the greatest threat to marriage is not other people’s definition of marriage. The church isn’t taking God’s definition of marriage seriously. It’s not other people sabotaging marriage that’s the problem.

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The Rabbi Wonders When We’ll Discover Our Communal Gag Reflex

This post is by my dear friend, Rabbi Joseph Edelheit, in which he reflects from a Jewish perspective on the Jews for Jesus video about which I posted last week. He wrote it for Yom HaShoah, which is today’s commemoration of the Holocaust.

I sometimes wonder how much murder, hatred and contempt it takes to provoke a collective expression of utter disgust—a shared communal gag reflex.

The Kansas City murders of three innocent Christians by a known White Supremacist anti-Semite close to Passover shocked most Americans, but this vulgar 73-year-old bigot is no surprise; even his timing was logical.

Terrorizing leaflets passed out in the chaos of Donetsk, Ukraine said authorities had “…decided that all citizens of Jewish descent, over 16 years of age and residing within the republic’s territory are required to report to the Commissioner for Nationalities in the Donetsk Regional Administration building and register.” The leaflets were written for the expressed purpose of terrorizing Jews, but disavowed by all authorities in Donetsk. Again, we heard all the correct words, labeling even the threat of such requirements as Nazi-like and disgusting, but in order to remove the sting of the leaflets we began reading that this was a “fake” act of anti-Semitism.

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A Public Condemnation of Jews for Jesus

“That Jew Died For You” screenshot.

The always-offensive evangelistic group, Jews for Jesus, released the above video just in time for Easter last week. It is, quite honestly, one of the most blatantly offensive and disgusting pieces of Christian propaganda that I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’m not going to link to it, because I don’t want you to watch it, and I don’t want them to receive any more permanent inbound links.

The video is called “That Jew Died for You.” It’s a cheaply produced piece of crap, in which “Jews” are pushed around by Nazi soldiers and sorted between the work camp and the showers. The, the only colorized character comes to the front of the line. It’s Jesus! And he is sent to the gas chambers. After that, the Suffering Servant text rolls across the screen and some images of Marc Chagall paintings of the crucifixion are shown. Get it? Since Chagall was a brilliant Jewish painter who used a Christian image in his work, Christians can take the Holocaust and use it for evangelism!

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