My Biggest Tweet Ever

Came last night:

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Write an Election Limerick, Win a T-Shirt

The good people at have designed a t-shirt for Theoblogy readers, and I’ve got five to give away. Write a limerick about last night’s election in the comment section below. I’ll choose five winners on Monday. You could win this!!!

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Lots of Puritans Were “Nones”

Martin Marty takes aim at hand-wringers who worry that that lack of church attendance and affiliation are dropping. Even if it’s below 50% nowadays, it was a lot lower in Colonial America:

So how were things in the good old days? A consensus questioned by a few serious scholars—Patricia Bonomi among them—is that fewer than 20 percent of the colonial citizens were active in churches. Change came after 1776, so that, in one common estimate, church participation jumped from 17 percent to 34 percent between 1776 and 1850. A better past, more illuminating for comparison in present concerns, is between the early 1960s, when participation crested, and today.

read the rest: Church Affiliation Colonial and Now by Martin E. Marty.

Feminist Theologians Don’t Like Our Vagina Limericks

I’d be interested in you reading post:

The very tradition of the limerick comes freighted with bawdy sexual references, most often at the expense of women’s sexual agency and subjectivity. Thus, compromising the effort from the outset.

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