The Book Is about to Drop!

Here’s the cover of my next book, coming next week.  Thanks to Courtney for the image and the cover design. The book will be available on several e-book outlets, including Amazon and

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The Emergent Church: Everyone’s Favorite Whipping Boy

I mosied over to the fellow Patheos blogger, Roger Olson’s blog, and there found a guest post by Brandon Morgan of the Void Collective (which, I must say, I like very much — the Void Collective, that is).  Morgan claims to be sympathetic with the emerging church movement (ECM), though he consistently uses the third person plural (“they”) as opposed to the first person plural (“we”) when describing the movement.

Morgan’s experience at the Wild Goose Festival gives rise to his criticism of the ECM:

Upon returning from the Wild Goose festival, I felt that the festival was, among others things, a blatant attempt to show how well Emergent folks and mainline folks get along (particularly regarding the LGBTQ community) and how they generally have the same enemies (conservative evangelicals).

He goes on to use some anecdotal evidence — what he saw and heard at the festival — to conclude that the ECM doesn’t have anything new to offer the American church.  Well, to be fair, most of his post is phrased in the form of rhetorical questions, which allows him to ask questions of the ECM without really landing the plane.*  But it’s pretty clear that he’s disappointed with the ECM (he’s not the first).

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Disappointed with Emergent?

It turns out that David Fitch is disappointed with the Emergent/ing/ence Church Movement (ECM). Well, he’d better get in line. It seems that all sorts of people are disappointed in us — in the last week, I’ve read accounts on Facebook and blogs of evangelicals, liberals, mainliners, and GLBT persons who are disappointed with the ECM. Imagine my surprise, via Facebook, to discover that we had disappointed the bisexual and transgendered people of thew world.

No doubt, a lot of people have put a lot of hopes in the ECM, hopes that we were bound to disappoint. More interesting to me than how we’ve disappointed people, however, is what has led so many people, Dave and the authors of Church in the Present Tense among them, to be so disappointed with the modern church that they’d like to overhaul the entire thing.

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Download the Chapter Deemed "Too Gay" for the Baptimergent Book

Homebrewed Christianity is making available a PDF of Brian Ammon’s chapter on sexuality, a chapter that the Baptist publisher considered unacceptable for their book on Baptist Emergence. If it’s anything like my experience of having a chapter banned by Wheaton College, thousands more people will read this chapter than will read the published book.

Smyth & Helwys, the press whose primary market is the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, published the first book of a hyphenated emergent collection – Baptimergent.  It was an excellent book with all types of Baptists collected together including Southern, American, Alliance, Cooperative, Liberal, Conservative, Dudes, Ladies, Black, White, Democrats, Republicans, and even Hauerwasians!!! For some reason Smyth & Helwys thought it would be ok for them to have a chapter calling out most Baptist churches as having an idolatrous love of our country or economic blinders to the message of justice in scripture and other such seemingly controversial issues BUT should an ordained gay baptist minister tell his story without obligating the reader to agree with him it gets cut for being ‘Too Gay.’

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