Phyllis Tickle and Nadia Bolz-Weber Switch Bodies!!!

This photo went viral last week:

Here’s a photo essay by Courtney Perry about how it happened: [Read more...]

Ordain Thyself Released for iOS7!

After a lot of hard work by our developer, we have relaunched the Ordain Thyself App for iOS7. Find out more about the app on, or download it from the App Store.

See Jay Bakker Channel Jim Bakker

Also, bloopers from Phyllis Tickle, Eric Elnes, José Morales, Will Willimon, Nadia Bolz-Weber, and Rachel Held Evans:

Touchy Christians Get the Cruci-Flex Blocked


The comic above got Rob DenBlyker banned from Facebook for a time. After it had been shared and viewed over a million times, enough Christians complained about it that Facebook took it down and banned Rob for 12 hours. Both he and I are assuming that it’s Christians who complained because, of course, that’s who it was. Here’s the most interesting part of the artist’s follow-up post:

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The Worst Creationism Museum EVER (yes, that’s redundant)

Vice blogger Jamie Taete, usually more known for raunchy stories about things like Corey Feldman’s birthday party, somehow found himself in the Creation and Earth History Museum in San Diego.

What he found was mainly walls filled with writing, plus more written materials for you to take home… [Read more...]

Bad Idea at Oral Roberts University

So, it seems that in their exuberance about America, the brainiacs at ORU decided to release a bald eagle inside chapel this week. Also, the chapel has glass walls. Guess what happens next:

HT: Mark Riddle

Mating Habits of the North American Hipster [VIDEO]

This poem, by Neil Hilborn, was the only poem to ear a perfect score at this summer’s Rustbelt Festival. Hilarious:

How Much Do I Love Greg Boyd?

As much as you will after watching this:

HT: Keith DeRose

Brian McLaren Bloopers [VIDEO]

Check out the blooper reel from Animate.Faith, featuring Brian McLaren, Shane Hipps, Lauren Winner, Lillian Daniel, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Bruce Reyes-Chow, and Mark Scandrette:

Labs Get No Love at Westminster

Who needs Westminster when your dog can do this?

The only dog I’ve ever owned is a Lab, and the only dog I’ll ever own is a Lab. They are, hands down, God’s favorite breed. They must be, or they wouldn’t be so incredibly awesome.

Well, the heathens at Westminster don’t seem to think so. And now the Labs themselves are so worked up about it that they’ve begun calling in sports radio shows:

“Hey thanks for having me. Longtime listener, first time caller. Look, I’m just going to be straight up with you: I’m a Labrador retriever. And I’m sick of losing at Westminster. Sick of it. It’s driving me nuts. This year we didn’t even make the cut in the sporting group. I’m embarrassed.”

“Thank you…is it Snickers? Snickers. Well, look, I hear you. There have been 137 Westminster Dog Shows and from what I can tell, a Labrador has never won. Is that true? They’re nodding in the booth. Yeah, a Lab has never won. Well, what should be done, Snickers?”

“I think we should hire Phil Jackson.”

Read the rest: Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Sports Radio: Longtime Listener, First-Time Barker—Jason Gay –