The Worst Creationism Museum EVER (yes, that’s redundant)

Vice blogger Jamie Taete, usually more known for raunchy stories about things like Corey Feldman’s birthday party, somehow found himself in the Creation and Earth History Museum in San Diego.

What he found was mainly walls filled with writing, plus more written materials for you to take home… [Read more…]

Bad Idea at Oral Roberts University

So, it seems that in their exuberance about America, the brainiacs at ORU decided to release a bald eagle inside chapel this week. Also, the chapel has glass walls. Guess what happens next:

HT: Mark Riddle

Mating Habits of the North American Hipster [VIDEO]

This poem, by Neil Hilborn, was the only poem to ear a perfect score at this summer’s Rustbelt Festival. Hilarious:

How Much Do I Love Greg Boyd?

As much as you will after watching this:

HT: Keith DeRose