Ordain Thyself Makes the Paper

The app I dreamed up — Ordain Thyself — made the Minneapolis newspaper today. You can get the app for yourself here.

Your Dog Has a Message for You

If you’re not following Text from Dog, you’re missing out. It seems there’s a dog that keeps texting his owner, and his owner has been kind enough to post those texts for all to read.

Get Insulted by Martin Luther

You’ve gotta click on this site:

Christian Nightmares’ 15 Worst Videos of 2011

I visit Christian Nightmares a lot. It’s like picking a scab. It hurts, but I can’t stop.

Christian Nightmares’ 15 favorite/worst video posts of 2011 (in no particular order; for last year’s list, click here)

1) Satanic, psychedelic remix of Christian public access evangelist Reverend Dolly Harrell

2) Evangelist and failed comedian Dawson McAllister preaches against ‘worldliness’

3) An incredibly infectious and upbeat Christian kids’ song about the Bible

4) Evangelist Patricia King marvels over her pal Joshua Mills as God covers him with blue sparkle dust and oil miraculously pours from his palms

5) ‘How dare you!’: An amazing remix of arrogant, condescending Pastor Mark Driscoll

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