Finding Love on Halloween

All-Hallows Eve originated in Scotland and Ireland as a full day in which spirits walk abroad — it originally lasted from sundown on October 31 until sundown on November 1 (All Souls Day). It has obviously evolved much since the 17th century, when ghouls went from door to door, begging for “soul cakes.”

Robert Burns, the great Scottish poet of the 18th century, recorded some of the best traditions of Halloween, including this one:

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Obstruction in Baseball

I know you come here to read theology, not baseball rules. But I was an umpire for over 20 years, so I’ve got opinions when I see things like what happened last night in the World Series. In the last 12 hours, the call, the rule, and the interpretation has been hashed and rehashed. Fair enough. Here are a couple thoughts from my perspective:

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Watch Jay Bakker Mock My Mustache [VIDEO]

Memorial Day

A good opportunity for Americans to pause and, regardless of politics, honor those who have died protecting our democracy.