Legalize Abortion…And the Rate Goes Down

Abortions in Minnesota, 1975-2010

Here in Minnesota, the Department of Health recently reported that in 2010, we had the lowest number of abortions since they started keeping track [PDF report].  It’s a drop of 19% in just four years, and almost half of the high in 1980.

That caused the last hospital in the Twin Cities that offers abortion to stop providing them:

Regions Hospital in St. Paul said Friday that it will stop performing elective abortions after Dec. 9, when it closes its reproductive GYN Special Services Clinic.

The hospital said it reached the decision because the number of abortions has been falling for years and other clinics in the Twin Cities provide similar services. Abortion opponents, however, said their years of protests forced the action.

In spite of the protestations of those protesters, health officials agree that the abortion rate has dropped primarily because contraception has been destigmatized and contraceptives are readily available, and secondly because young women have been educated in public schools about avoiding unwanted pregnancies.

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Millenials for Gay Marriage, But Not Necessarily Pro-Choice

The Public Religion Research Institute has a new study out on abortion opinions in America.  In some ways, the results are not surprising: a solid majority of Americans think that abortions should be legal and available; evangelical Protestants are the least likely to think so.

But other conclusions are more surprising:

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Something about Abortion

We’ve had an interesting comment thread going on Monday’s post, “Apple Pulls Manhattan Declaration App.”  We’ve had everyone from a legal scholar to conservatives who insist on calling me, “Mr. Jones,” weigh in.

I’ve been most engaged in a contretemps with my acquaintance, Bob Hyatt, a pastor and blogger whom I very much respect.   You can go to that post to read our comments.  The one thing that Bob seems to feel that I didn’t sufficiently address is the question, Does being pro-life make a person a misogynist? That’s what the MacWorld article to which I linked seemed to suggest, as did the original HuffPo article that seems to have moved Apple to drop the app.

As Bob wrote in one of his comments, rather pointedly, “as the child of a teen mother, I’m ardently pro-life. Am I a misogynist?”  I thought that question deserved a post, rather than a comment, in response, so here it goes:

1) Although Bob seems comfortable with it, I despise the terms, “pro-life” and “pro-choice.”  I think they fall far short of communicating the nuance and complexities of this issue.  Here’s why:

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