Farewell, Exodus International. You Will Not Be Missed.

Rachel Held Evans breaks the big announcement:

Update: Exodus International announces it is shutting down


It takes a lot of guts to issue an apology as honest and as public as this one from Alan Chambers of Exodus International.

An excerpt:

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Dan Savage vs. Andrew Marin

Dan Savage and Andrew Marin

I don’t know Dan Savage. I like what he does, I think that Christians have a lot to learn from him, and I’ve gotten a couple Twitter responses from him, but I’ve never met him. I’d like to. I think we’d have a good conversation.

I do know Andrew Marin. I know him well. He’s a good friend whom I get to see a couple of times per year. We email and text a couple times a month, and I last saw him in January.

I have mixed feelings about some of the things that Dan Savage does and writes. His It Gets Better Project is really, really good. It’s Kingdom-of-God good. Some of his sex advice makes me a bit squeamish, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But when it comes to the Christian faith, Dan is blinded by his own upbringing and by the pain that he has seen inflicted on GLBT persons by those claiming the name “Christian.” While I can’t blame him for the anger he harbors, he is an outspoken atheist — an atheist with an axe to grind against all who claim the Christian faith.

I have mixed feelings about the work of Andrew Marin and the Marin Foundation. They are avowed “bridge builders” in these tense days, as many Christians and churches are still trying to figure out how they deal with the increasing acceptance of GLBT persons in society. As such, both Andy and the Foundation have refused to take a public stance on the questions, “Is homosexuality a sin?” and “Do you support marriage equality?” I don’t agree with this stance, but I do understand why they’ve taken it.

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Fight Back Against Facebook

Dear Readers Who Use Facebook (AKA, Dear All Readers),

Facebook highly encouraged all of us who have some kind of public following to switch from a Profile (aka, Timeline), to a Page. In fact, capping the friend limit at 5,000 made it virtually required.

So I migrated my Profile to a Page, and I’ve encouraged numerous other authors to do the same (Jay Bakker, Phyllis Tickle, Andrew Marin, Nadia Bolz-Weber). We lost all of our Facebook history — every update, comments, and image. But that’s no biggie, because now we can communicate with even more people.

But then Facebook did what it does: changed the rules in order to make more money. Now, if you’ve liked my page, there’s only about a one-in-five chance that you’ll see any of my posts. Look at what it shows me, as an admin, at the bottom of each post:

Why the notice? Because Facebook wants me to PAY CASH MONEY to get my posts to show up in the newsfeed of the users who’ve like the page. In other words, you’ve like the page, but Facebook is keeping the updates from you.

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Do You Know the Parent of an LGBT Kid?

If so, my good friend Andy Marin needs your help:

Over the years The Marin Foundation has received numerous requests for help, guidance, and advice from the parents and families of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and questioning children. Many of these parents identify as Christian and are struggling to reconcile their faith and the sexuality of their child. Although many resources exist for the parents and families of LGBT children, few of these resources offer a framework for exploring this issue from a loving Christ-like perspective. Therefore, the Marin Foundation is launching a Parent Resource Initiative to identify the needs of Christian parents of LGBT children and develop resources to help them through the experience of their child’s coming out.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! If you are a parent of a LGBT child, a family therapist, or a parent support group leader, we need your help. In the next couple of months, our goal is to interview and survey two hundred or more Christian parents of LGBT children as well as others involved in supporting families.  We want to hear your story!

We are looking for a representative sample of parents from all over the United States, of all ages, ethnicities and ranges of Christian beliefs. Whether your child came out to you two days ago or twenty years ago, we would love to hear about your experience.

via Calling All Parents.