Scot McKnight, Please Respond to This

Reza Aslan shows his true ignorance of biblical scholarship in under three minutes:

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Andrew Sullivan Goes to (Mega-)Church

Yesterday, Andrew Sullivan attending David Kuo’s funeral. It was the first time that the Catholic Sullivan had attended an evangelical mega-church. The whole post is worth reading, but here’s the money paragraph:

What I guess I’m trying to say is that so many of us have come to view evangelical Christianity as threatening, and in its political incarnation, it is at times. But freed from politics, evangelical Christianity has a passion and joy and Scriptural mastery we could all learn from. The pastors were clearly of a higher caliber than most of the priests I have known – in terms of intellect and command. The work they do for the poor, the starving, and the marginalized in their own communities and across the world remains a testimony to the enduring power of Christ’s resurrection.

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Andrew Sullivan and the Future of Blogging

Andrew Sullivan may change the face of blogging. Or maybe not.

Last night, Courtney and I watched Downton Abbey. I find it little more than a soap opera in tuxes, but I enjoy it. However, what we both commented on at the end was that, thanks to its airing on public television, we were able to watch a two-hour show, uninterrupted, with nary a commercial. Same goes for other great shows in recent memory, like The Wire and The Sopranos (both on HBO). Be it a donation or subscription, viewers are supporting the production of these shows by paying a monthly or annual fee.

Last week, premier blogger Andrew Sullivan announced that his online real estate, The Dish, would be moving away from ad-driven hosts (he’s been with TIME, The Atlantic, and, most recently, The Daily Beast/Newsweek). He’s asking for an annual contribution of $20, and in less than a week, he’s raised half of the $900,000 budget that he needs:

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What the Election Means

Sen. Tom Bakk introduces Democratic Sen. Melisa Franzen [Tony’s new state senator] at the Minnesota DFL Election Night Party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in St. Paul, Minn. Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012. (MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson)

While I reject all of the puffed-up rhetoric that this-is-the-most-important-election-in-our-lifetime, it was a momentous night. Not because we elected a person of color, but because we seem to have risen about the politics of race and elected the person we think can best lead us.

Here’s Andrew Sullivan:

One felt something tectonic shift tonight. America crossed the Rubicon of every citizen’s access to healthcare, and re-elected a black president in a truly tough economic climate. The shift toward gay equality is now irreversible. The end of prohibition of marijuana is in sight. Women, in particular, moved this nation forward – pragmatically, provisionally, sensibly. They did so alongside the young whose dedication to voting was actually greater this time than in 2008, the Latino voters who have made the current GOP irrelevant, and African-Americans, who turned up in vast numbers, as in 2008, to put a period at the end of an important sentence.

Regarding the stunning come-from-behind defeat of the marriage amendment in Minnesota, here’s a Facebook post from one of my dearest friends:

I’m grateful, too. And here’s what’s interesting. Both the marriage amendment and the voter ID amendment failed in Minnesota. Together they were a cynical ploy by Republican state legislators to drive social conservatives to the polls in an incumbency election — Republican operatives have admitted as much. The result of their attempted manipulation of our state constitution:

Obama won handily in Minnesota (by 8 points), even though some thought it a swing state.

Both amendments lost with room to spare, even though the voter ID amendment had been polling 20 points ahead as recently as two weeks ago.

– For the first time in 20 years, Democrats will now control both the state house and senate. I don’t know if I’ve ever been represented in the state senate by a Democrat (I live two blocks from where I grew up), but I am now.

It backfired.

This isn’t about Democrats defeating Republicans. This is about the voters defeating cynical political ploys.

For that reason alone, all American should be grateful this morning.