Free E-Book on Church Leadership

David Lose of Luther Seminary has curated a new ebook on church leadership. It’s called Renew 52: 50+ Ideas to Revitalize Your Congregation from Leaders Under 50. I contributed a chapter, as did Lillian Daniel, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Bruce Reyes-Chow, Peter Rollins, and many others. You should grab this book for yourself. Seriously. I mean, it’s free!

Here’s a snippet from my chapter,”LEARN FROM FACEBOOK: IMPLEMENT CONSTANT, INCREMENTAL CHANGE,” [Read more…]

Church Planters Academy = WOMEN!

This November, I’ll be helping Doug Pagitt host the first-ever Church Planters Academy.  We’re holding it at Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis, and highlighting some of the top church planters over the last decade: Tim Keel, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Bruce Reyes-Chow, Nanette Sawyer, Tim Conder, Don and Pam Heatley and more.

There’s something in that list that I’d like you to pay heed to: we’ve got women church planters, a bunch of them, in fact.

I often hear from people that they’d like to hear from women who have successfully planted churches.  Well, there’s is simply no other place to hear from a collection of women (and men) who’ve planted churches.  All men HERE.  All men HERE.  And I could go on.

But not at CPA!  Our roster is equally men and women.

So come, and learn about what it takes to plant a church and keep it going.  We’ll talk about funding, about leaning into your own gifts, about discerning your call to plant, and about guarding your spirit during the inevitable ups and downs of planting a church.

And, only through this Thursday, save $100 off of registration.  So don’t wait!  Register today!

Let’s Hear It for Execution!

It’s been getting lots of buzz today that last night, in a Republican presidential debate (that I did not watch), Rick Perry invoked the crowd to an ovation for…execution!  Live blogging the debate, Andrew Sullivan wrote,

9.48 pm. A spontaneous round of applause for executing people! And Perry shows no remorse, not even a tiny smidgen of reflection, especially when we know for certain that he signed the death warrant for an innocent man. Here’s why I find it impossible to be a Republican: any crowd that instantly cheers the execution of 234 individuals is a crowd I want to flee, not join. This is the crowd that believes in torture and executions. Can you imagine the torture that Perry would authorize? Thank God he’s doing so poorly tonight. (via Live-Blogging The Third GOP Debate – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast.)

Today, fellow Patheos blogger, Bruce Reyes-Chow weighs in,

One question that keeps swirling around in my head is, “What about those who burst into applause and also profess a Christian faith?” I can’t speak for other faith traditions, but I would be hard pressed to see where Jesus creates a gray area for this one. Even towards our deepest enemies, we are to show love. In fact, it is in the very act of being different than those who would commit evil in the world that we express the purest form of our faith and our understanding of community.

Like Bruce, I am vehemently anti-death penalty.  I also think that our prison system is one of the most broken aspects of our society.  But I’m a bit at a loss about what to do about it.

Early Reviews of Google+

After days of whining on Twitter, Google finally let me in to their latest innovation, Google+.  As a self-appointed “social media guru,” it was a bit embarrassing that it took so long, but oh well.

Having now used Google+ for two full hours, I can say that I like what I see. (Full Disclosure: I lovedlovedloved the ill-fated Google Wave, and I never liked Google Buzz, Google’s previous attempts to compete in the Twitter/Facebook arena).  The Google+ interface is beautiful — the drag-and-drop function for circles, for instance, is far superior to Facebook’s cumbersome friend lists.

Google+ seems a bit more professional than Facebook — more like LinkedIn in that sense.  My profile, for instance, is less about my romantic interests and what TV shows I like, and more about where I’ve worked and what websites have information about me.

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