A Christmas Song from Solomon’s Porch

Merry Christmas from John Chrysostom

In 386, John “the Golden Tongue” Chrysostom preached the very first Christmas sermon.  It’s beautiful.  And in spite of the fact that my forbears, the Puritans, refused to celebrate Christmas and punished anyone who did, I read Chrysostom’s sermon every year and revel in the beauty of it.

I encourage you to do the same. You can find it here.

And Merry Christmas to you.

Is This Amazon’s Big Year?

I had an interesting conversation with Bruce Reyes-Chow last night.  His family is trying to do half their shopping on Etsy, and half on Amazon.  He said it’s hard, because they could easily get everything from Amazon, but they want to support small businesses as well.

As for me and my house, we’re getting almost everything from Amazon.  How about you and your family?  Are you still going to the mall, shopping on Amazon, or supporting local businesses?

The First Known Christmas Sermon

…was preached by John Chrysostom, he of the “golden tongue,” on Christmas Day, 386.  A preacher tonight or tomorrow morning could do a lot worse than read it in its entirety.  Here’s a taste:

What shall I say to you; what shall I tell you? I behold a Mother who has brought forth; I see a Child come to this light by birth.  The manner of His conception I cannot comprehend.

Read it all here: The First Christmas Sermon