Should the Church Replace the Post Office?

At Church Marketing Sucks, Brade Abare floats an idea that’s sooooo crazy that it




Imagine an association of churches—or denomination(s)—who would partner together with the USPS to function as a local post office. No other organization in the U.S. has as many locations as churches do. Larger churches could function as processing centers. Any church could serve as the delivery center and mobilize volunteers to deliver mail, and provide a pickup service for the times when packages require special attention. Churches could offer this seven days a week and on holidays, especially Christmas and Easter.

It would be a great way for churches to actually meet their neighbors (something far too many church struggle with, ironically). No proselytizing or manipulating or passing out church flyers at the same time. No throwing away mail that seems inappropriate to deliver. This is about being the church by serving the community, loving church neighbors, and facilitating communication. Talk about great marketing! Imagine the opportunities for conversation that would come about if our churches were face-to-face with the community every day? Don’t believe me? Ask your local postman/postwoman and tell me if they don’t have strong ties to the neighborhood.

via How Churches Can Save the U.S. Post Office | Church Marketing Sucks.

Why a Social Media Boot Camp?

Kevin has posted an interview with me about the JoPa Social Media Boot Camps over at Church Marketing Sucks:

Why do you think it’s important for pastors to use social media?

Tony Jones: There was a time when churches and pastors needed to decide whether they were going to wire the church for telephones. There was another time when they had to decide whether to bring microphones and amplification into the sanctuary. Those were decisions about using new technology to communicate. Social media is simply another step on that path–it’s about communicating with people, and more and more people are using it, so churches need to decide how to engage that.

via Church Marketing Sucks: Social Media Boot Camp for Pastors.