Church Planters Academy Announced

The Church Planters Academy

August 15-17, 2013

$145 (by March 31)   $195 (April – August)

Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis, MN

A dynamic and innovative event to equip and encourage those desiring to start new churches in fresh and entrepreneurial ways.

For those who are starting new churches.

For those who are exploring starting a new churches.

For those who’ve already started churches and want to gather with others who are doing the same.

Read more and register: Church Planters Academy

Will Church Plants Be Banned from Public Schools?

It has been common practice among church planters to start their churches in public schools: they’re cheap, empty on Sundays, have good parking, and have auditoriums with PA systems built in.  It’s everything an erstwhile church planter could want.  I’ve been to many services in public schools, including a couple in NYC.  Now it looks like the Supreme Court may be ruling on whether this practice is a violation of church and state:

A New York City church is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to assert its right to hold religious services in public schools.

Lawyers for the Bronx Household of Faith, an evangelical congregation, filed a petition Tuesday asking the Supreme Court to review a June appeals-court ruling that would bar churches from holding worship services on school property.

About 60 churches currently use New York City public-school auditoriums and classrooms for worship activities after school hours and on weekends. The arrangement has allowed small, cash-strapped churches to avoid the city’s high rents, as the schools charge a nominal fee to cover the costs of custodians and security staff.

via Bronx Household of Faith Church Asks Supreme Court to Rule on Worship in Schools –

Emergent's Charism

Earlier this week I asked what you, dear reader, considered to be the charism of the emerging church movement.  Only a couple of you took the time to respond, so maybe the bulk of you don’t think that the ECM really has offered anything.  Regardless, I think that TransFORM: East, which launches today, is a great occasion to think a bit about what the ECM has offered, and has to offer.

First, the past.

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