Bad food + evangelism = bad evangelism

I’ve written about some crazy evangelism techniques, like in The New Christians, wherein I highlighted the use of urinal screens with your church’s name on it.

Now Craig Goodwin points us to a fellow foodie who is questioning a door knocker that a local church hung on her knob.  In the bag were several non-offensive items.  But:

Then I got to the coupon for McDonald’s. Stapled to it was a card that read “Come visit us on Sunday… Then go for a Sundae!” and quoted the Psalms “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” I kid you not.

Craig goes on from there to ask, Is is a sin for church’s to give away McDonald’s gift cards? His response, in part:

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A Year of Christian Eating

Craig and Nancy Goodwin’s family is launching into another year of experimenting with food and faith

Craig Goodwin, author of my favorite book on Christian living, has launched a new project.  After his family’s year-long experiment with Year of Plenty, they’ve now launched into a new experiment called, Tables of Plenty:

Starting on November 28, 2011 with the Orthodox Nativity fast, our family is dedicating a year to explore the role of food in Christian spiritual formation, one month at a time. Our monthly excursions will include following kosher food laws and eating in the tradition of the early church. We’ll plant community gardens with the Benedictines, go vegetarian with Seventh Day Adventists, and vegan with the Orthodox. We’ll even explore the spiritual depths of potlucks and jello-salad with our own tribe, the White Bread Protestants. We’ll be reading, reflecting, blogging, and eating our way through the year at this Tables of Plenty blog.

Their schedule is:

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Getting Your Hands Dirty

It’s a crummy weekend here in Minnesota.  Overcast and humid, one feels as though one might wilt, if one is not first carried off by mosquitoes.

Nevertheless, I walked to my garden out back first thing this morning, and spent about half-an-hour weeding.  The first fruits of tomatoes and peas are showing, and the green beans are just starting to climb the fence.  The lettuce will be ready next week.

For those of us who love God and love getting our hands dirty in the garden, Craig Goodwin‘s book, Year of Plenty, is a great companion.  As Craig notes repeatedly in the book, he had companions, too: his two daughters and his wife, and fellow Presbyterian pastor, Nancy.  (Craig and Nancy were classmates of mine at Fuller Seminary in the 1990s.

Well, Nancy’s got an inspiring post of her own at Her.meneutics, the Christianity Today women’s blog in which she expresses gratitude for [gasp!] weeds!  Nancy writes,

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Good Friday + Earth Day = ???

This year gives us a strange confluence of Good Friday and Earth Day, both occurring today.  One might think that you’d have to do some intellectual gymnastics to find a connection between the two.  But Craig Goodwin does it, without the gymnastics.

Craig, author of Year of Plenty: One Suburban Family, Four Rules, and 365 Days of Homegrown Living in Pursuit of Christian Adventure, has a post at CNN’s Belief Blog in which he explores how the two observances do have some synergy.  He begins by noting that it’s an uneasy connection:

Given the sensitive nature of Good Friday, I think there is good reason to be cautious in making connections. In a popular culture that has a knack for seamlessly combining cultural narratives, it’s important to not carelessly turn Good Friday and Earth Day into some kind of earthy, spiritual, “Inception”-meets-“Toy Story 3” mashup. Instead of mixing metaphors and liturgies, I think the most helpful approach is to simply answer the question this coincidence brings to the surface: Does the death of the Jesus on the cross have anything to do with caring for the Earth?

But he goes on to explain how the two work in tandem:

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