Who’s To Blame for the Emerging Church Movement (Hint: Evangelicals)

Ever wonder why emerging churches look like youth rooms? (Photo of Solomon's Porch, copyright Courtney Perry (used with permission)

I had the good fortune of presenting a paper last weekend at the Association of Youth Ministry Educators — the academic guild for those who study and teach youth ministry.  My paper, a version of which will appear in the next issue of Immerse Journal, was entitled, “Youth Ministry as the Inspiration and Site of Relational Ecclesiology.”  (Sounds mighty academic, huh?)

At academic conferences, presenting a paper in a non-plenary session actually means summarizing your evidence and thesis in about 30 minutes, and fielding questions for about 30 minutes.  So I spent my time talk about the contours of the emerging church movement, both sociologically and theologically, as developed in my book, The Church Is Flat: The Relational Ecclesiology of the Emerging Church Movement.

Then I said this to the group of largely evangelical youth ministry professionals (believe it or not, it’s mostly evangelical colleges and seminaries that have youth ministry professors): [Read more…]

Praying for Danny

My friend, Dan Kimball’s dad is dying.  Please pray for him.