Not All Christians Are Like That

Today, John Shore, Dan Savage, Wayne Besen, and Evan Hurst launched the Not All Like That Christians Project. Modeled after and inspired by It Gets Better, NALT is a place for Christians to tell the media and the world that the homophobic, fear-mongering Christian leaders who get the most press aren’t the only Christians out there. In fact, in my contribution to NALT, I make the claim that they aren’t even in the majority anymore. A young, open, progressive generation of Christians is rising, and we are the future of the faith in the West:

Dan Savage vs. Andrew Marin

Dan Savage and Andrew Marin

I don’t know Dan Savage. I like what he does, I think that Christians have a lot to learn from him, and I’ve gotten a couple Twitter responses from him, but I’ve never met him. I’d like to. I think we’d have a good conversation.

I do know Andrew Marin. I know him well. He’s a good friend whom I get to see a couple of times per year. We email and text a couple times a month, and I last saw him in January.

I have mixed feelings about some of the things that Dan Savage does and writes. His It Gets Better Project is really, really good. It’s Kingdom-of-God good. Some of his sex advice makes me a bit squeamish, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But when it comes to the Christian faith, Dan is blinded by his own upbringing and by the pain that he has seen inflicted on GLBT persons by those claiming the name “Christian.” While I can’t blame him for the anger he harbors, he is an outspoken atheist — an atheist with an axe to grind against all who claim the Christian faith.

I have mixed feelings about the work of Andrew Marin and the Marin Foundation. They are avowed “bridge builders” in these tense days, as many Christians and churches are still trying to figure out how they deal with the increasing acceptance of GLBT persons in society. As such, both Andy and the Foundation have refused to take a public stance on the questions, “Is homosexuality a sin?” and “Do you support marriage equality?” I don’t agree with this stance, but I do understand why they’ve taken it.

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What Rob Bell Thinks about Gay Marriage

No, I didn’t write a post with that title. But if I had, it would have gotten HUGE traffic.

However, here are my biggest posts of the year:

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Colbert Gets Serious

Stephen Colbert, who happens to be the person I’d choose to spend an eternity on a deserted island with (other than Courtney and kids), has contributed to the It Gets Better Project: