Fight Back Against Facebook

Dear Readers Who Use Facebook (AKA, Dear All Readers),

Facebook highly encouraged all of us who have some kind of public following to switch from a Profile (aka, Timeline), to a Page. In fact, capping the friend limit at 5,000 made it virtually required.

So I migrated my Profile to a Page, and I’ve encouraged numerous other authors to do the same (Jay Bakker, Phyllis Tickle, Andrew Marin, Nadia Bolz-Weber). We lost all of our Facebook history — every update, comments, and image. But that’s no biggie, because now we can communicate with even more people.

But then Facebook did what it does: changed the rules in order to make more money. Now, if you’ve liked my page, there’s only about a one-in-five chance that you’ll see any of my posts. Look at what it shows me, as an admin, at the bottom of each post:

Why the notice? Because Facebook wants me to PAY CASH MONEY to get my posts to show up in the newsfeed of the users who’ve like the page. In other words, you’ve like the page, but Facebook is keeping the updates from you.

However, there is a way to fight back! [Read more…]

Randall Balmer and Miroslav Volf

Those two will be my guests this Sunday when I guest host Doug Pagitt Radio, from 12-2pm on AM 950 in the Twin Cities, and streamed live at

Randall Balmer

In the noon hour, I’ll be talking with Dr. Randall Balmer. Randy is professor of American religious history at Columbia University and the author of many books, including:

Randy and I will be talking about politics and religion in America today. In one segment, we’ll talk about Barack Obama’s first term, and in the other we’ll discuss the crop of potential Republican nominees. Religion is proving to be a big factor in presidential politics again this year, so it should be a great conversation.


Miroslav Volf

In the second hour, we’ll talk to Miroslav Volf, Henry B. Wright Professor of Theology at Yale Divinity School and Director of the Yale Center for Faith & Culture. Volf is the author of many books, including,

We’ll talk to Miroslav about how Christians can cohabit this country with Muslims in one segment, and in the other I’ll get his take on the atonement — about which I’ve been blogging.

Listen in this weekend, or catch it later when we post the audio and video.

Christian Life in the Inventive Age

Doug Pagitt has completed his four-book cycle on the Christian faith in the “Inventive Age.” Doug coined that phrase to explain what he thinks is going on right now.

Back when we started what became Emergent Village, we talked a lot about the particular age that we are now living in. And we were highly influenced by the writings of Richard Florida regarding the rise of the “Cultural Creatives.” Florida argues that what America has to offer the global economy is not the return of blue collar manufacturing — sorry ObamaRomneyGingrich, it’s not gonna happen — but the uniquely creative ideas and products that have launched Apple, Disney, and thousands of other companies.

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What I Did on My Vacation


The Unholy Trinity of McLaren, Pagitt, and Jones emerge from the primordial soup (photo by Courtney Perry)

I’m back from a brief digital sabbath, and my first pixels must be in gratitude to Scot Miller for so ably guest posting in my absence. Based on the comments, many of you resonated with Scot’s posts, particularly the one on his journey to progressive Christianity. I’ve given Scot an open invitation to guest post whenever he wants, so keep an eye out for him (and when you see his thoughtful comments, encourage him to expand them into full-fledged posts).

Over the weekend, Courtney and I joined Doug and Shelley Pagitt at the home of Brian and Grace McLaren in southwest Florida. The McLarens have been wanting to have us down there for several years, and this year the timing and the frequent flier miles happened to coincide perfectly.

Among other things, we: [Read more…]