Is the World Going to Hell, Or Not? [Questions That Haunt]

This week’s Question That Haunts Christianity comes from Jesse:

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Daniel Kirk on Jesus’ Eschatology

Daniel Kirk

Fuller professor Daniel Kirk is quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers. This week, he had a post about eschatology that caught my eye:

What is the eschatology that Jesus brings about? It is the regathering of the people as promised, the restoration of the people to full standing in God’s family. It is a defeat of the hostile powers that warred against God’s people to keep those people from experiencing the fulness of the blessing of God.

It is even the provision of an abundant land, where the baskets of grain overflow.

All of this means that the reign of God has drawn near. In the person of Jesus, the king of God’s kingdom, God is restoring the earth to rights.

But here is where we have to be careful. In fact, we are right up to the point where the history of Christianity has shown us that we are always most often prone to go astray.

via Storied Theology | Telling the story of the story-bound God.