Would Hipster Jesus Do a Juice Cleanse?

Around my emergenty world, my friends have been having colonics and juice cleanses for years. I tried a juice fast once, but couldn’t go more than a day without coffee, so I quit. And, no, I’ve never had a colonic.

In the New Republic, Judith Shulevitz investigates the hipster trend of juice cleanses and fasts, “Jesus and Moses Went on Cleanses: That Doesn’t Mean You Should“:

Ask a doctor about cleanses, though, and she’ll probably become enraged. I e-mailed Michael Gershon, a professor of pathology and cell biology at Columbia University’s medical school and the author of a groundbreaking work on the neurology of the gut called The Second Brain, and he wrote back: “I think that people who use cleanses may have had rough anal periods (see Freud, Sigmund).” Cleanses and their cousins, colonics, have about as much medical merit, declared Gershon, as the acts of penance done by monks who’d “walk across Europe and hit themselves on the back to purge themselves of the plague.”

She continues,

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Bad food + evangelism = bad evangelism

I’ve written about some crazy evangelism techniques, like in The New Christians, wherein I highlighted the use of urinal screens with your church’s name on it.

Now Craig Goodwin points us to a fellow foodie who is questioning a door knocker that a local church hung on her knob.  In the bag were several non-offensive items.  But:

Then I got to the coupon for McDonald’s. Stapled to it was a card that read “Come visit us on Sunday… Then go for a Sundae!” and quoted the Psalms “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” I kid you not.

Craig goes on from there to ask, Is is a sin for church’s to give away McDonald’s gift cards? His response, in part:

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