Killing Church Programs – What the Church Can Learn from Apple and Google

In your latest update to Apple’s free program, iTunes, Ping is gone. It’s disappeared. What is Ping?, you ask. (Well, you should be asking, What was Ping?) Ping was an attempt by Apple to get into the social media game by allowing people to easily share what songs they were listening to, liking, etc.

You know how people are always using Spotify or Pandora to share with you on Facebook the song that they’re listening to at the moment? Well, Apple was hoping that since over 300 million people use iTunes, they could get a piece of the action.

But it didn’t work. Ping had a low adoption rate — at least by Apple’s standards — so they killed the program. They didn’t keep it going for the millions of people who used it. They didn’t apologize. They just euthanized it and moved on.

Three years ago, I wrote a post about Google Wave as a Sermon Preparation Tool, and that post was picked up the next year by Within months, Google killed Wave.

Google Wave was an online, real-time collaboration tool. I liked it, a lot, and I used it. But not enough people did. When asked about the death of Google Wave, CEO Eric Schmidt said,

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Save Google Reader

I use Google Reader every day.  Many times every day.  It’s where I read almost all blogs, much news, and more.  And, I use the Share function (see the right sidebar below (“Tony’s Picks”) for items I’ve recently shared.

In an underhanded attempt to get users to adopt Google+, it seems that Google is on the brink of dropping the sharing functions from Google Reader, and possibly eliminating the service altogether.

You can sign the petition to keep Google Reader.  You can also blog and tweet about it.

Early Reviews of Google+

After days of whining on Twitter, Google finally let me in to their latest innovation, Google+.  As a self-appointed “social media guru,” it was a bit embarrassing that it took so long, but oh well.

Having now used Google+ for two full hours, I can say that I like what I see. (Full Disclosure: I lovedlovedloved the ill-fated Google Wave, and I never liked Google Buzz, Google’s previous attempts to compete in the Twitter/Facebook arena).  The Google+ interface is beautiful — the drag-and-drop function for circles, for instance, is far superior to Facebook’s cumbersome friend lists.

Google+ seems a bit more professional than Facebook — more like LinkedIn in that sense.  My profile, for instance, is less about my romantic interests and what TV shows I like, and more about where I’ve worked and what websites have information about me.

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Theology After Google

Theology after Google wrapped on Friday, and some peeps have taken the time to blog their thoughts.  Here are the latest posts:

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