A Grammatical PSA

Are you in seminary? Starting grad school this fall? If so, here are some hints to make your professors more happier as they grade your papers:

  • Avoid the subjunctive mood.
  • Avoid the passive voice.
  • Don’t use “scare quotes.”
  • Punctuation goes inside of quote marks. See above.
  • Book titles are italicized, not underlined or in quote marks.
  • Always use a serif font.
  • Always use the Oxford Comma.
  • Only a single space between sentences. Unless you’re using a typewriter. Which you aren’t.
  • Don’t capitalize words that are not proper nouns.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

King Jesus Gospel: Part Four

Part of a week-long discussion of The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited by Scot McKnight

Tomorrow, I’ll polish off my series on this book with a substantive post on Scot’s thesis, and whether I buy it.  But for today, I’ve got some nits to pick.  Forgive me, but I’m a booky person, and I’m also a quibbler, so there are some things about this (and every) book that bug me.  And Scot has privately assured me that my quibbles will not affect our friendship.

That being said…

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Quick, Define “Panegyric”

Cool info from Niemann Media Labs about the words on NYTimes.com that most often get looked up.  Here are the Top Ten:

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Why Is Zappos Shouting at Me?!?!

I bought a pair of Crocs recently.  So sue me.

Well, they followed up, as companies are wont to do, with a request for a review.  But they did it by assaulting me with exclamation points.  I’ve written about it at the Social Phonics Blog, but here’s a taste: