Can NT Wright Have It Both Ways?

On the issue of Hell, NT Wright seems to be on a lonely island. (Sophie Gerrard, Christianity Today)

Keith DeRose doesn’t think so. DeRose, a philosopher at Yale and correspondent with YFB, has posted a retort to Wright’s posture of both emphasizing the “Kingdom-Now” theology that he’s made famous, while holding onto a belief while holding onto a belief in a grim fate for unbelievers, set at their deaths. Among the strange (and not particularly biblical) claims that Wright makes regarding Hell is that the lost will devolve to a kind of subhuman state and will thus be beyond human pity.

There are other problems, too. Here’s Keith:

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This Is Gonna Be Helluva Good Movie

Coming to theaters this fall.

If This Is Heaven, Who Needs Hell?

And can someone please tell me why this is on a Preterist website?  Is this guy a Preterist, or are they making fun of him?  (I assume they’re making fun of him in favor of their own belief that we’re living in the Second Coming, but I’m still fuzzy on Preterism…)

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