Various Goodnesses

At Her•Menuetics, Laura Turner encourages her fellow evangelicals to embrace the F-Wordfeminism:

The church needs feminism because at its core, feminism affirms to us what our faith teaches us about male and female in God’s Kingdom and what Jesus himself preached throughout the New Testament.

The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology announces that John Franke will be giving the inaugural Stanley Grenz Lectures a month from now:

The Stanley Grenz Lecture Series is offered by The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology in honor of former Professor Stanley Grenz, a prolific Christian scholar with a pastoral heart and deep intellectual presence. Stan engaged the challenging theological questions of his generation with a profound sensitivity to the complexities of a Christian community embedded within a cultural context. In honor of him, this series is designed to invite scholarly theological discourse into the public forum, as an expression of Christian faith and service.

Third Way Magazine has a great interview with my theological muse, Jürgen Moltmann (HT: Scott Paeth):

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John Franke on the Uniqueness of Christ

As we approach the celebration of Christ’s incarnation, John Franke has written a piece for Christianity Today, inspired by his latest book, Manifold Witness: The Plurality of Truth, that tackles Jesus as “the way,” “the truth,” and “the life,” while maintaining his postmodern posture towards certainty.

Jesus Christ is the living embodiment of God’s gracious character as the One who loves. This love is not an abstract notion or a set of feelings, but is rather characterized by the action of God in the person of Jesus Christ. Commitment to Jesus as the Way means we do not presume to know the nature of divine love ahead of time. We certainly do not let our culture tell us what love is. Rather, our understanding of true love, the love of God, is shaped by the particular way in which God loves in and through Jesus Christ.

Read the whole essay in CT.

Books I've Worked On Recently – Part Three

John Franke

The last book to mention in this little series is Manifold Witness: The Plurality of Truth (Living Theology) by John Franke.  John has been a long-time friend, and a thought leader in the emergent/-ing/missional church movement.

John is the professor of missional theology at Biblical Seminary in Pennsylvania, and, it should be noted, an insanely committed Vikings fan.

His book is the latest in the “Living Theology” series that Abingdon Press publishes in partnership with Emergent Village, for which I have served as the general editor. (You can read the first chapter of the book here.)

What John’s book does, and does convincingly, is argue that Christian truth is, by its very nature, pluriform.  He goes to great lengths to show that the Bible is pluriform, the history of Christian theology is pluriform, and even the nature of the Godhead is pluriform.  Scot McKnight has written a six-part series on the book, which he reviews favorably.

It’s a book that, if the thinking behind much of the emergent/missional conversation is of interest to you, I highly recommend.