Some Blogs I Discovered in 2011

Rachel Held Evans – We all discovered her, didn’t we?  An evangelical (or is she post-evangelical) woman who isn’t afraid of bullies like Mark Driscoll.

Slacktivist – Fred Clark manages to make the Left Behind series interesting, and he is a witty mouthpiece for progressive Christianity.

John Shore – He receives letters that should make any homophobic Christian think twice, and he is an indefatigable ally of GLBT folks in the church.

Media Decoder – The fascinating compilation of media journalists from the New York Times, including those featured in the excellent documentary, Page One.  (I also read, and loved, David Carr’s Night of the Gun, and asked if he’s the new St. Augustine.)

Storied Theology – Fuller prof Daniel Kirk is a step the the right of me, but his posts on the Bible are thoughtful and deep. (I’ll be posting about his new book in January.)

Scrolling though my Google Reader list, it’s notable, and a bit sad, to see how many good bloggers haven’t posted in a long, long time.  I attribute that, in part, to Facebook, because I see most of those people writing there a lot.  But Facebook updates have neither the length (aka, depth) or links that a blog post has.  Alas.  I hope some of them will resolve to blog again in 2012.

What blogs did you discover in 2011?

What blogs went dormant that you miss?

Or, better yet, convince us to start reading your blog in 2012!