Where Is the Emerging Church?

photo by Steve Knight

No one knows more about the ECM, especially in the UK, than Jonny Baker. He’s been around since before the beginning, and he’s published on it as well. Recently, he received an email asking what happened to the emerging church, and he posted his response on his blog:

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Good News for the Missional Church

“terra periculosa” by Jonny Baker

Jonny Baker, long time observer of all things missional and emergent, reports in from a meeting which infused him with hope:

yesterday there was a gathering in london diocese of around 30 groups like this and church plants. and well done the diocese for encouraging such a gathering! i don’t want to create a glossary or anything but a church plant is generally someone starting a new church and the language of plant means it often takes something of the character of what it’s planted from and usually looks like a church – people gathering, worshipping, reaching out, making disciples, giving money and eventually embedding into the wider structures of the church. it used to be quite something to be able to get permission to plant a church but now certainly in london there is a lot of activity in this area which is great.

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Kevin Corcoran Weighs In

Over at Church and Pomo, David Fitch and I posted about Kevin’s book, Church in the Present Tense. I told David to get in line with the others who are disappointed with emergent.  Jason Clark, a friend of mine and a contributor to the book, accused me of not reading the book.  I didn’t deal with Jason’s chapters in my post, since I think Jonny Baker had done a good job of that some time back.

Now, Kevin has responded to David and Jason and me, and it seems that he might agree with me:

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