One Year After Back Surgery

One year ago today, I went under the knife and had a microdiscectomy and semi-laminectomy.   In short, a neurological surgeon cut away a protrusion of a spinal disc and carved away some bone to make more room for the spinal nerve.  Prior to the surgery, I could not stand up straight, and was at times confined to a wheelchair.  My left leg had gone completely numb from above the knee down.

The surgery was a success by every measure.  The only remnant I have of the spinal injury is that my left foot is still numb from the nerve damage.  That may heal, or it may not.

The 20-minute surgery cost as much as a small car, and I had to pay 20% of those costs.  I finished paying it off in December.

So, if you’re debilitated by back pain, and people tell you that surgery is the last option, that it’s risky, and that you should think twice before having it, I’m here to tell you that, at least in my case, it was a great success and worth the risks and the money.