Didache Blog Tour – Day Seven, Epilogue

Philotheos Bryennios who discovered the Didache in 1873

Luke Miller takes a look at the epilogue of The Teaching of the Twelve: Believing and Practicing the Primitive Christianity of the Ancient Didache Community.  Although at first skeptical, he ultimately embraced the Didache,

You won’t often see me advocating for a return to the old-time religion. I’m dubious of those who preach about the need to get back to the first-century church. What we need is to figure out how to be a faithful church today, in 2009 (though I’ll rant about that another day). Being a student of history, however, I do see immense value in learning from our foremothers and fathers. In the same way that a constitutional scholar tries to get inside the heads of the first Americans, we do well to peer into the minds (and lives) of the first Christians.

The epilogue, in full, below.  I post it in hopes that, by reading it, you will feel my great affinity for the Didache, and your curiosity might be piqued enough to read the book.

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